Living “A Low Carb Diet Life”! Will A High Fat Diet Kill You?

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Living “A Low Carb Diet Life”! Will A High Fat Diet Kill You?
Does fat cause atherosclerosis?

Atherosclerosis is caused by oxidized LDL particles piercing the arterial walls provoking inflammation that damages the arterial tissue not fat fastening to the wall of the arteries.

When you consume fat it does not start to flow in your blood stream and does not solidify like a stick of butter.

Current research is now showing that must people can consume cholesterol without affecting blood lipids.

Cholesterol is now being reported to affect blood lipids that can increase HDL and HDL to UTC ratio and leaving LDL mostly unchanged.

In fact we manufacture most of our bodies cholesterol in our liver.

Finally dietary cholesterol does not affect total blood cholesterol, current research goes on to report that our bodies make less cholesterol to keep our levels in balance.

Will consuming more fat in turn make you fat? Fat is more filling that carbohydrates and will cause you to consume less calories during the course of a day.

Eating a low carb, high fat protein diet will keep you from feeling hungry and hour after you eat.

You will find it hard to over eat on a high fat, low carb diet.

Following a low carb diet will cause your body to use the stored fat for energy.

A low carb diet will not only cause weight loss but will increase lean body mass, meaning you are losing fat not muscle.

Research has reported that reducing the intake of high carbohydrate with high glycemic index is more effective in reducing cardiovascular disease than reducing saturated fat intake.

Fat is our “forlater” energy store of our bodies. By following a low carb diet you force your body to use the energy stored in your body fat causing weight loss.

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