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  • Please check out Freelee the Banana Girl's channel – I think you will find a lot of great ideas there.

  • Sounds like you're having the same thyroid troubles that my sister was/is going through. The whole family took up healthier eating habits (ie. low carb) to help her out and although I cheat a lot (I mean aaaaaaalot) I've dropped about 45 pounds in the last year and didn't really increase my activity level or start exercising more. Low carb is hard to follow for the first 2 weeks. The cravings were insane, but it does get easier. We do the "take total carbs, subtract any fiber, and try to keep that number under 28 grams per meal" method and it's worked surprisingly well so far. I'm Hispanic, and not to be stereotypical, but beans and lentils factor into my meals prominently, which seems to have helped quite a bit (which is weird because before the "diet" I didn't eat them as often…lol), and lentils are pretty quick and easy to prepare, so there's no reason why you can't have them with most meals. For us veggies are a freebie (ie. all you can eat) as long as it's not corn or potatoes. We tried quinoa and amaranth instead of rice, but wen you do the math they really weren't that much better for the premium you had to pay for them (also we had to drive across town to buy it). Oh and stay away from anything that says "sugar free" or "no sugar added" unless you read the ingredients first. All they do is substitute sugar alcohols for the sugar. The only difference being it has to take a detour through your liver to get converted to sugar meaning it's pretty much the same thing. Hope this helps, wish you luck, and sorry for the extremely large post.  🙂

  • Another tip is to tune in to Dr Robert Morse ND on YouTube – he is a naturopath. Good luck!

  • Nice video. I have to try this new recipe. Love the background too.

  • Hey there, I like your videos they're always very clear. I would be very interested in you making a video about your experience moving to Sweden, learning the language and finding a job there, just a suggestion 🙂 

  • You look very pretty .