Life Health Now! Breaking thru Plateaus in Weight Loss Journey Low Carb Carbohydrate Bootcamp

Please SUBSCRIBE. We are the Ladies of Life Health Now (Ileka, Krista, Nadia) and here we take on the topic of breaking thru weight loss plateaus. Always keep challenging ourselves and changing things up. We also discuss our things we add to our diet to get the nutrients. Ketosis Low Carb Carbohydrate Bootcamp

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Introducing the Ladies:
Ileka – Wife, Mom of 4 young children, MS in Engineering, Leadership, Career Coaching, Pop Culture, Been overweight since birth but recently loss 90+ lbs still has a ways to go…
Krista – Wife, Mom of 3 young children, military spouse, PhD in Business and Finance, Leadership, Executive Coaching, Getting healthy again
Nadia – Wife, Mom of 2 (tween and teen), military spouse, Registered Nurse (RN), Health Coach, Getting Fit again

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  • Ladies, this was a great forum and I know many women (and men), will relate the struggles that they face. I have a few points to add regarding plateaus. Like you all said, everyone is different and that will require a multitude of attempts to see what works best for you.

    1. Don’t give up. If you try something new, give it a full effort attempt to see if it works or not. The last thing you want to do is try multiple things at the same time (e.g., reducing carbs, lifting heavier weights, intermittent fasting…all at the same time). Try one and gather data.
    2. Sometimes sleep can be the answer. The later we go to sleep, we release more stress-related hormones. So get to bed in order to have a more productive day. Plus, there is magic that happens when we sleep. It’s called recovery.
    3. Like in bootcamp, we have weight days. People can try increasing the weights used in order to stimulate a change. It works!! Rest in between sets to get your ATP (energy) and then hit the next set hard. Beast-mode helps in order to spark a change.
    4. Intermittent fasting works for many. Set a day (or two) to try it and stick to it. The “fasting” windows give your body an opportunity to utilize the stored food.
    5. Lastly, be focused. Don’t “Do it for the gram”, but take your health journey serious. That requires you to dig deeper, want it more and that refocusing tends to snap you out of your plateau and your body responds to your new-founded energy.

    Looking forward to upcoming episodes.


  • …I wish you all the best on your journey! Thanks for being authentic and sharing your story!