LCHF Low Carb High Fat diet EatPlayLove video 1 of 6

LCHF Low Carb High Fat – in the first of a series of 6 videos, Low Carb Dietitian/Nutritionist and Sports Dietitian Vicky Kuriel explains what LCHF is and some history behind her research into LCHF.

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In this video you will discover:
– How and why a traditionally trained dietitian (that’s me) did a complete 180 and began recommending and supporting the LCHF lifestyle
– Why following a low carb diet ALONE doesn’t work and how incorporating a high level of FAT is an essential component of making this a sustainable long-term lifestyle change
– How many of the mainstream dietary ‘truths’ that we have been brainwashed into believing are actually completely INCORRECT.
– How Sweden is leading the way for the rest of the Western world in terms of adopting LCHF as the national dietary guidelines.

Eat Play Thrive was founded by LCHF Nutritionist and Sports Dietitian Vicky Kuriel and Chiropractor, Exercise & Rehab Consultant and Personal Trainer Joe Kuriel.

Together Vicky and Joe have the products and services focused on making it easy for you to live a low carb lifestyle.

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  • Thanks for sharing, you're right on the mark. The overconsumption of fructose is really at the heart of Type II Diabetes, insulin resistance problems and obesity. The biochemical mechanisms recently discovered is going to end world obesity some day…probably by the end of this century (like in the year 2080).

    A huge piece of missing information is that glucose is converted to fructose in normal people at a 3% rate or thereabouts. But in people already overweight, obese, with insulin resistance, etc., this number is more like 20 – 40% conversion! So the amount of fructose we calculate as consuming is actually much more, especially with grains because most people don't count them as having fructose (bread being long chains of glucose-molecules). So the liver is being slammed 24/7 when a person eats higher carbs–the glucose carbs are raising the insulin, then getting reconverted back to fructose, doing even more damage to the liver.

    What isn't usually talked about are the stifling of the good compounds within the liver, when the liver is having to deal with so much fructose. Compounds like Taurine and Carnitine for example not giving as much neuron-protection for example against the glutamate balance. Common sense why many neurological diseases are related to eating too many carbs.

    It's true, diet is about 90% of the formula to strip the fat off the body, 10% is exercise (preferrably anaerobic too) and fat ratios (more omega 3s and less 6s), as well as keeping the calories under control. Proof is in the pudding for me at least. šŸ™‚

  • Great information! Thank you for sharing this, I have been on the Ketogenic diet for a few days now and I really love cooking these high fat meals.Ā 

  • I am on board with LCHF and having great results. That said, you are seriously misrepresenting that Harvard Nutrition Source article and taking it out of context. First the paper is from the Annals of Internal Medicine which is visible in what you show and the line, "No link found between saturated fat and heart disease" is a quote from some unnamed media source. As you read more of the article, it is actually questioning the viability of the paper by theĀ Annals of Internal Medicine. My research suggests that so much of the info you provide is right on and helpful, so why would you use this? Are you not concerned that it would cast a cloud on all your good work and put your credibility in question? If this is not an intentional misrepresentation then you never read the article. Other than this, I love your presentation, but if I didn't already believe most of what you say from other sources, I wouldn't believe a word from you. I think it would be in everyone's best interest to take this video down and retool it. My interest is in not having your credibility questioned because the rest of the info is so valuable. I've watched all 6 parts twice.

  • Lchf started to put my diabetes into remission within 3 days. I'm over 3 weeks insulin free by keeping my body in ketosis. Prior to eating lchf I was injecting 5 or more times a day consuming 130+ units of insulin daily. For 3 +weeks now I've had zero units of insulin and glucose has normalized to 120 average. Before with insulin my averages were 150+ with spikes as high as 300+. Lchf is treat

  • Hey hey, The best fat loss that I have ever had was with Carls magic plan (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most helpful diet that I have ever tried.

  • I check a lot of diet handbooks. This one from woopep is the best.