Larry Scott’s Low-Carb Bulking Diet Macros

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  • I have been watching your videos, and just making sure you understand the reason why he was able to get 20 inch arm. Was because he had the help of chemistry behind him, a cocktail of roids was the difference between getting jacked, and getting huge.

    Diet had absolutely nothing to do with it, although at that time no one was taking human growth hormone which just made everyone explode in size. There were still plenty of steroid cocktails widely available to people at that time. Its a bit much to assume that you will ever get that by just eating more fat, or more carbs or whatever size you think you can achieve. If you eat well, train well, rest well, the rest is up to your genetics. Everyone is on gear now, and that is why you should just stick to simple sane, safe, advice. What you advocate on your videos is definitely not safe, you make false distinctions that are invalid.

    I wish I could go over them more in detail, I will respond to some of your other videos in more detail. Wish you the best mate :), and awesome to see you doing calisthenics. I love calisthenics glad to see more people are realizing that they can train and look good. Without expensive equipment etc…

  • Leroy C was 21inch bicep natural . and died recently at plus 80 years old age

  • Arnold's diet was the same except he would eat whole grin rye bread for his carbs which is better than oats and rice since it has more nutrients. Here is the diet taken from his encyclopaedia of bodybuilding.

    2 eggs
    1/4lb meat, fish, or fowl
    8oz milk
    1 slice whole-grain toast with butter
    (protein = approx. 52 grams)

    1/4lb meat, fish, fowl, or cheese
    8oz milk or fresh juice
    1 or 2 slices of whole-grain bread
    (protein = approx. 43 grams)

    1/2lb meat, fish, or fowl
    Baked Potato with butter or sour cream
    Large raw salad
    8oz milk
    (protein = approx. 48 grams)

    That's what he used to build up. For cutting he resorted to a high protein, moderate fat, low carb diet.

    Meat and eggs

    Mid morning

    Tuna salad

    Mid afternoon

    Meat and eggs

    So he followed a combination of the steak and eggs diet with a pure protein diet it would seem. He would have carb ups at the weekend.

  • He was a freak. Most people would just get slovenly on that diet.

  • Did he eat like that his whole life or just when he compitted?
    Cause Keto diet is very helpful for alzheimer

  • Old school competitors did not count macros

  • I like this Larry's body style better than the huge waisted albeit overall more muscular body of current Pro BB'ers
    At least it was my goal was to look as good as I can, not as big as possible no matter what you sacrifice.

  • I am with you bro – people are brainwasted – carbs are not ok for us humans – maybe a little – fat and protein and fiber.

  • Love your content mate, a huge fan of old school bodybuilding and nutrition here 🙂