Ketogenic Lifestyle Myths and Common Questions LCHF KETO DIET LOW CARB

Common myths, misconceptions and questions from an ordinary girl in the UK learning about the lifestyle.

  • Hi Sarah!
    Good job on the video (less well formulated LOL) but I wanted to suggest that you're not correct in your assessment of Dr Atkins. You're right to admire Phinney & Volek but you should know that they were protegees of Dr Atkins and are basically carrying on his work. He was the pioneer and for 30 years the one who was doing battle with the media, nay-sayers & haters. He was on the front lines. Like the lone voice in the wilderness. A few others chimed in but he was the public face of low carb eating/dieting for most of that time. Mostly he took it on the chin, usually with humor. and persevered.

    Also, to clarify, he never proclaimed low carb to be a high protein diet, he always stressed the importance of eating the right kinds of fat and to stop being afraid of saturated fat. For me & millions of others he was a life saver. While he started the Atkins Nutritionals website it's turned into such a big money product company that it bears little resemblance to the site when it was first online. I know because I spent a lot of time there late 90s early 2000s. It still has tidbits of useful info but nothing like when Dr Atkins was alive. These days the Atkins Foundation has more to do w/preserving his legacy than the Atkins nutritional site.

    The bottom line is if you want to know the truth about Dr Atkins you need to talk to people who have been there/done that. He was around a long time and a lot of crap was written. Like Gary Taubes wrote "…Dr Atkins had it right all along" Taubes blew the lid of all the nay-sayers in 2002 when he wrote his now famous New York Times article "What if it's all Been a Big Fat Lie" Then, of course he went on to write the best sellers: "Good Calories, Bad Calories" and "Why We Get Fat" which went into more detail. (GCBC actually had too much detail so WWGT was really written to simplify things for the masses but both are excellent.)

    Anyway I just wanted to give credit to the man who really started it all and deserves much more respect and credit than most people can realize. There are millions of us who followed his early lead and became healthy. Some went on to have their own sites, write books and are now considered low carb gurus. It's really ironic! I just want newcomers to realize how it all started so I had to put in my 2cents worth.

  • Why would you take diet advice from an obese person? Would you take business advice from a homeless man?

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  • Hi Sarah,hows the LCHF diet coming on?