Ketogenic Dieting in Bodybuilding for Fat Loss and Muscle Gain?

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  • Hey Ben .. Can you share your thoughts on intermittent fasting and the science behind why it works or doesn't work? Thanks in advance!

  • so your saying no carbs. If that's the case then it has already been tested (Israel egg diet for example) to have reverse effects in the long term. The Australian Military used this theory in the 80s and at first it seemed to work well but eventually (I mean long term) the soldiers got serious carb cravings and ended up twice as fat as they were previously as the body responded to the lack of carbs, so it converted it to fat in a defensive response as to possibly not getting any more in the short term.

  • So with what Dr. Wilson said in the beginning, does that mean it can be dangerous for those who are diabetic to try a ketogenic diet?

  • Bacon is the Atkins diet lmao u shouldn't eat bacon on keto

  • I've done Keto for a week it made me weak & My muscles looked flat.

  • He looks like Ted Mosby's brother.

  • I have used it for almost a month and lost 5lbs. The tightness I use to feel in my stomach is gone and my hemorrhoids have stop bleeding. So far I'm impressed with this WeightLossGreenStoretea product. Thank you for the free bottle.

  • how long does it take for your body to adapt

  • im doing keto 5 weeks in… 1500 – 1600 calories.

  • one thing about keto, you will feel bad till you adapt, but also if your not taking in alot of sodium you will feel worse

  • great information and great chemistry in the interview. thanks

  • Isn't long term keto bad for muscle growth?

  • can someone plz explain the importance of sodium on a keto diet? I've heard that you have to increase ! is this right ?

  • Does this guy even lift…

  • I am a male 36 years old weigh abt 90 kgs now been doing keto since a month. I work out in gym as well. My diet intake is 1800 cals but my protien intake is less then recommended for gym goers. My question is that how can i gain muscle will low protien intake ?? Is there fear of loosing on muscles

  • whats the guys name that hes talking to

  • He tried it for a week??
    you need way more than that

  • I wouldn't call eating ketogenic easier when travelling. (Hidden) carbs are everywhere man.

  • Great video and thanks for using my picture in the thumbnail, even if you had to cut my head off 😉

  • that was some gud info.

  • I like how doc looks right at Ben and then the camera after Ben says "I've never been on keto for more than 4 weeks"

  • my neurologist put me on keto to help with my epilepsy (incresed brain function can ack almost a a "reset" button, to help with seizures . Its hard if u love carbs, but once u get the hang of it, its great.I haven't lost any performance, I feel great and I have more energy. I have a very physical job, but I dont fall asleep like I used to when I get home. Its the same for the gym. I used to just pass out after a workout, now I dont! I have also lost visibly high levels fat