Ketogenic diet causing muscle loss?!

Is ketogenic diet good or bad and can low carb diet cause muscle loss? Matt Dominance shows you how to build muscle on low carb ketogenic diet.

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  • loving the talk man… very informative

  • Good info my bro

  • Very informative video. I have noticed whenever I up my carbs on a ketogentic diet I do tend to look more full and my muscles look even more defined. I dont boost my carbs every other day, but I do increase my carbs and calories once a week while on my cut

  • Haha I love your guitar dominance 😀 And amazing idea with the whatsapp group dude!!

  • i was a little down because I was working so hard in the gym and I felt I looked "flat" even with all tve hard work. This helps!!! Your singing was great too.

  • carbs get you fat just eat protein well protein keeps muscle to stay. lots of pussy protein