Keto Hot Sauce | 100% natural | SO tasty | Sugar free | Low Carb Hot Sauce

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Forget what you know about hot sauce. That store bought hot sauce is essentially hot pepper flavoured vinegar. This homemade keto hot sauce is going to be your new favourite condiment!

The best thing about this keto hot sauce (or keto chilli sauce) is that it doesn’t contain any of those ridiculous ingredients which you can’t even pronounce! No preservatives, nothing but some hot peppers (chillies), onion, olive oil and a touch of vinegar. Yes, it is that simple and it will be the best low carb keto hot sauce you have ever had. Even better for us Keto or Low Carb folk is that is contains NO SUGAR. That’s right, it’s a sugar free hot sauce and tastes way better than any store bought hot sauce which contains sugar and other terrible ingredients. A low carb hot sauce which you can use freely! No added carbs to result in that dreaded carb creep.

The next best thing about this keto chilli sauce is that it can be customized or tailored to exactly your liking. You can tailor the heat level of the keto hot sauce – this is done by removing seeds (to lessen the heat) or leaving seeds in. You can even use different hot peppers – use those that aren’t as hot for a milder sauce or use some hot peppers like I do – I use the Habanero because of its fantastic flavour which makes phenomenal keto hot sauce. The Habanero hot sauce is very hot, so I caution everyone here. Taking out the seeds of the habanero hot sauce may be advised for those without a high tolerance for heat in their keto hot sauce.

You can also make it as thick or as thin of a sauce as you desire. Simply adding less or more water / vinegar gives you the flexibility to tailor the keto hot sauce to exactly how you desire.

As this is the Keto King (a.k.a the Banting Boss), this keto hot sauce fits into a low carb lifestyle (it is a low carb hot sauce), a banting lifestyle (it can be decribed as a banting hot sauce), or a keto lifestyle (it is a keto hot sauce). It can also fit into anyone who is trying to limit to the unnatural ingredients in their food. This keto hot sauce is as natural as it comes!

Every time I have made this keto hot sauce, I have loved it. I can’t live without my low carb hot sauce anymore and I bet you are going to be the same once you try this!

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