This is my Keto Low Carb Jicama Fries recipe from one of my “What I eat in a day to lose weight” videos as promised! This is an example of the foods I ate/eat to lose weight pretty fast on Keto/Ketogenic aka Low Carb. Please SHARE, LIKE and COMMENT if you want to see more what I eat in a day videos and recipes! I eat a WIDE variety of nutrient and mineral rich foods, so this video is just a small sample of my menu. WORKS FOR WEIGHT LOSS OR MAINTENANCE, just increase calories or fat & protein to maintain or gain muscle! Thanks 🙂

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Benefits of the Keto lifestyle include but are not limited to:

• Body recomposition
• Blood sugar balance and enhanced insulin sensitivity
• Increased satiety and decreased food cravings
• Improved energy levels, oxygen capacity, motor performance &
athletic performance
• Migraine treatment
• Neuro-protective benefits in seizure disorders; ADHD;
Alzheimer’s disease, memory and cognitive function;
Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis
• Autism and improved behavior and social impacts
• Mood stabilization in bipolar disorder (type II)
• Stroke prevention; cardiovascular disease; metabolic syndrome
management; improved cholesterol levels
• Inflammation management/reduction
• Endurance enhancement
Helps with depression and anxiety

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  • To anyone that "freaks out" a bit about the carbs in Jicama, here is the info: I eat 1 serving as a side with my protein and fat, 1 Cup ( 130 grams ) of Jicama has ONLY 5 NET ( I repeat NET, I ONLY count NET ) carbs and 49 calories. That is NOT a lot and it IS Keto friendly if you don't eat the ENTIRE BATCH lol ( same can be said about all veggies on Keto, watch your PORTIONS! If it's too much for YOU don't eat it! I never had an issue with this throwing me out of Ketosis and I've been at it 7 years now, so I will not address this again, Jicama fries are SO healthy and delicious and yes, KETO FRIENDLY! Love to you all! 🙂

  • Wow you've done your homework, impressive.
    Tfs hun & take care 🌹

  • Have you tried bamboo rice?

  • Love your video. never heard about Jicama. never have seen in stores where I live – Ontario Canada, Where to buy Jicama ? Thanks.

  • Where to buy Jicama ? Thanks. Love the video.

  • Being Keto, why not just fry them for the consistency and flavor?

  • love the video. actually it's something i could eat in one sitting . almost…but half would do. i wrote down the recipe. yu look really lovely includjng yur energy.

  • ive been doing keto for 14 days and have only lost 2 lbs… i feel good thought! others have lost like 11 lbs! ive heard no fruit but i sure miss cutting up an apple or a pear!

  • probably would be good with parmesan cheese huh

  • Has this been done with out the nutritional yeast. I'm curious if it's necessary to have it on the mock fries

  • does this taste good?

  • Thank you for this video! I have been trying to find a keto friendly french fry forever, and this one finally does it for me! Tried radishes, green beans, turnips and none of those really worked for me, I just gave up and had an occasion sweet potato, but always felt guilty. No more! Also, I needed to hear about the bamboo tea and that Psalms verse at the end, your videos have been a real inspiration and motivate for me. Thank you!

  • Thank you for sharing. I love the scripture you shared at the end. God bless you.

  • What is that thing you used to boil the water? What's it called?

  • I can't wait to try this, I appreciate the added information you provide, your not just giving a recipe but you are also including important information. I am a diabetic and working to lose weight and change how I eat and love fries, potatoes, pasta, and this recipe was exactly what i was hoping to find and you saved me on research because you added the information, you are amazing, thank you!

  • I just bought my second Jicama and this is a neet recipe, except loose the Aluminum foil, your article on Bamboo stated Aluminum is Bad for you.  I believe you were using a nice Stainless Steel pan, well it'll wash off easy with just a little soap and water (you used oil).  Everyone I see cooks all these HEALTHY dishes, then wraps them in Aluminum etc.  We have to Wake Up. Aluminum has it's place, just not on your food, right? And NO GMO's!

  • Wow your before and after photos are amazing. Congradulations.

  • I just stumbled on ur video. I just started Intermittent fasting and keto. i'm going to buy a jica tomorrow because I was addicted to anything potato, especially french fries. I need to try this recipe.. thk you😊

  • everyone has "the right answer". lol. You do You. we are watching Your vid so, You already know what works for you! thanks for the recipe

  • Delicious! Absolutely perfect fries! Thank You!! 🙂

  • can you fry them?

  • Cool! I think I'll try this in my air fryer. Thanks!

  • Thank you for video. I just started KETO diet and I have been craving french fries. I have a new AIR FRYER and bOOM…I wanted to use it! I have a LOT of weight to lose, but I love this recipe because it allows me to quench my craving without breaking my LOW carbs! oh, and by the way, CONGRATULATIONS! You look fabulous!

  • pepper on fries?

  • Hi Alvina, great recipe! I was surprised how good they taste; excellent "French fries" sub! Thanks for sharing and the info.

  • 🍎 Alvina, I'm new to your channel/ new subscriber, as well. I aim to make these fries once I'm able to stop myself from eating the Jicama, fresh, with freshly squeezed lime juice and sea salt ! ( LOL ). For any "Doubters", etc. Jicama is crisp like a fresh apple, with the " healthy" potato taste ! Totally delicious ! Most WalMart stores carry jicama, too. Alvina, thank you for taking the time to explain to your viewers about healthy, easily prepared recipes ! God's Best to You & Yours ❣. 👍👍

  • This recipe looks very tasty… I'll have to try it out! I am very interested on the collagen for the skin, so I'll search for that video! You just earned a subscriber bc you don't seem to be one of those crazy annoying girls who likes to show off. The most that I liked about your video is that you used a psalm from the bible. G-d bless you 🙂

  • NICE!! Very Creative…Thanks Baba!

  • you need to do macro breakdowns thanks

  • Loving all of the nutrition information accompanying the cooking. I'm going to try these with a side of the tomato cream sauce I learned how to make. Thanks for all the fantastic food and information.

  • where can i find this food?

  • I would use coconut oil instead. unsaturated fats like olive oil should not get exposed to heat, air or light.

  • Where in the world do i buy a Jicama here in France? Been doing keto solid for two weeks and i'm missing my French Fries. 🙂

  • I put this on my salads or eat raw.very good!

  • It was you AlvinaRayne that got me on to Jicama. I didn't use the Yeast powder but did everything else (Oil and Seasoning) I loved the vegetable. It does taste just like a sweet potato. It is also lovely as a mash. Last night I did roasted Jicama with two fried eggs on top. It was delicious.

  • Hi  could you please subscribe to me I'm trying to get 100 subscribers so I can make poker and cooking show!

  • wouldn't baking them at 400 degrees kill the yeast ?

  • Wow, congrats on you weight loss journey

  • Trader Joe's sells jicama already sliced up. You can buy this all year long. I love my jicama fries!!!

  • the fries look great… as far as the veg, never even heard of it (a bit discouraging, because it makes it seem like "not realistic food") the tea was too much of a commercial, but i really LOVE the scripture at the end, and your personal journey is a powerful testimony. PRAISE JESUS HALLELUJAH and GOD BLESS.

  • Thank you for the music. I really felt calm. Right at home.

  • Never tried jicama before but may have to after viewing this recipe.

  • These take a lot longer than 20-25 min in the oven. I kept mine in for over a hour and they were still really crunchie.

  • how is taste like ?

  • Can't get them in UK or Spain 🙁

  • Wow never thought of that Brilliant My new goto side when i need a switch from greens kale and radish potatoes.

  • You are so beautiful inside and out! Love your sweet spirit and desire to help others! Your videos are so fresh and inspiring. Looking forward to trying some of the overlooked veggies to make things interesting again. Look forward to your skin care guide, and more keto survivor tips! Thanks again for keeping everything so real. 💕