Keto for kids, Low carb lifestyle for kids, Making it all work in real life

As a parent of 5 kids that are fully fat adapted here are my thoughts, and a few of our families tricks to make it work

  • The last time I had birthday cake my skin broke out! I'm not 100% keto but I'd love to get my family there! We know the benefits but I need to get more creative for my boys lunches. I'd like them to stop eating sandwiches!!!

  • wish more parents would get healthier choices .Kids don't need sweet junk .Β A little neighbor girl roughly 4 years old ,came over with a little Debbie snack cake & a package of 2 Pop tarts . She said , "Look my Mom gave me a good snack ". The funny thing is I had just picked up some strawberries from the farmers market , they were siting on my table . With a big eyes looking at them she said – I like those !! Smh

  • Respect for what you do! You really care for your children by giving them the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle. There is more love in denying a child a coke (and offering a healthy, tasty alternative) than in just letting them have what they seem to crave. Sugar kills. It's never too early to learn that fact. Thanks for encouraging other parents by your example.

  • low carb is deadly. high fat diets lead to cancer, heart diseases, diabetes and thousands of other diseases. there is enough research to prove this. our cells run on sugar, we need sugar, particularly fruit sugar. Just look up the research T. Colin Campell, John Mc Dougall, Neal Barnard, David Klein, Doug Graham just to name a few, who explain it very well and easy

  • whats keto ?

  • Awesome πŸ™‚

  • I would love to see a video with more specific details on how you do keto with your kids! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • that's insane

  • omg i love your halloween tip ty ty ty… We are just switching to keto diet atm … as i've been going through the studies i've seen it mentioned that you have to watch for something (cant remember what) that affects the production of growth hormones in children. any advice oh and school snack/lunch tips would love to give egg/nuts but banned due to potential allergies..

  • Really love your videos! This topic is so relevant! My son turns two very soon and I've started keto just two weeks ago, I feel great and loosing weight on it and sometimes feel bad when I still offer my kid toast and potatoes etc.. it's good to know that it's still okay and they could still experiment long as soda and candies are still off the table… whole food carbs are still okay for them to try… I like that you keep it simple straight and very honest with your opinions, please keep making keto videos! I find them very informative and helping!

  • Love the video! We initially started keto to help me with my epilepsy. I was able to reduce my meds ( under doctor supervision) by half. Then we noticed DRAMATIC changes in be positive behavior in my eldest daughter that has ADHD. Then near the end of the school year when kids stated bringing cookies and ice cream to school she would just have half or 1 small scoop. Later on at night when she'd try to do her home work she she have difficulty focusing. She noticed the difference. It was remarkable! Could you PLEASE make a few videos on school lunches with your kids. Kids relate to kidsπŸ˜ƒ

  • Wow 0% practical information on keto snacks for kids

  • i just started my 11 year old, on Keto..Holy Smokes what a difference. she is a good weight to start, but her head is better balanced, long satisfaction better grades. ADHD is completely in check

  • Do you even lift bro