Keto Diet Weight Loss Transformation: 150 pounds lost eating Low Carb High Fat (LCHF)

Keto Weight Loss: I’ve lost over 150 pounds eating Low Carb High Fat. The Ketogenic way of eating, puts you in a state of Ketosis, which is perfect for dieting and weightloss.

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It’s taken me 19 months to lose 150 pounds! I started my weight loss journey in April 2014, I was 25 Stone (350 pounds), 19 months later I weight 14 Stone 3 (199 pounds). By restricting carbs, your body enters a state known as Ketosis, this is when your body burns it’s own fat for fuel. While you’re in this far burning state, appetite is reduced and you can workout without carb re-feeds, a perfect partnership for successful weight loss.

  • I have been on keto diet for abt 4 months now and I must say it works wonders for me but I have been having unbearable burning sensations in my chest throughout the whole day and in the middle of the night which disturbs my sleep.what would be your recommendations to deal with burning sensations and constant burping on a keto diet??
    keep in mind I dnt have these issues when I have a really shitty diet.

  • Well done Adam! You emphasize that you must be strict on your macros (which I am not or Jimmy Moore) and you never hit your fat macro and that fat is a buffer for you. Great video and even better result.

  • Great job. What do you typically eat in a day?

  • Congrats! Well done.

  • Adam, I really like your videos! I started Atkins last year, and stayed on it a couple of months and slowly got off. I lost 20lbs and have gained about 5lbs back, so it is very motivating to hear your story and the way you do LCHF. Hope you do another video soon. You are looking great! Keep up the good work.

  • Haha! Loved this video! Proud of you!

  • Adam, learning a lot about keto. Have you deep fried any keto friendly foods? Also what is a good high intensity oil for the deep fryer? Thanks for your help.

  • This is the second video of yours I've watched!! You look amazing!! I just found your channel and the first video I watched was when you had lost 100 lbs now your at 150!!! Way to go!!! Your a true inspiration!!!

  • Which macro calculator do you use? Ankerl?

  • Hello adam.. Im 26 old.. I weigh 150 kgs now.. Can u suggest me any keto diet?

  • Congrads on your weight loss, how much protein do you eat a day ? Best guess ?

  • more than 10 stones that is amazing
    congratulations ✌

  • Hi Adam, congrats to your fabulous weight loss! I am on keto for 4 days and it really feels good. I'm not hungry anymore! I used to eat about every 2 to 3 hours but now I just eat breakfast an dinner in the evening. After 9 to 10 hours I really get hungry, but thats totally fine with me. I'll try your recepie for the fat bombs tomorrow.

  • If you don't mind , may you make a list of foods that are good for this diet pls
    It's because I've been looking online and a lot of people have been giving false
    Or untrue Information so I wanted to know from you since you've had a great
    Outcome with this diet .
    Pls & Thank You πŸ™‚

  • amazing seeing your face changes,dedication to recording pays off.

  • you look amazing Adam!! <3

  • Hey Adam, what kind of food do you get your fat from? And are there any good website recipes I can use for LCHF diet?

  • Hi Adam, only just realised you had this channel!! How fantastic!! So glad I found it. Will be a regular viewer for sure!!

  • Just found you channel – thought for a second that you were Moby

  • Hi Adam do you track your ketone levels? If so, what is your optimum ketone level?

  • congrats

  • Anyone tried the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I've heard many incredible things about it and my mate lost a ton of weight with Fenoboci Diet Plan (look on google search engine).

  • M J

    Way to go! Congrats πŸ™‚