Keto Chat Episode 35: Reformed Vegetarian Dr. Ted Naiman Heals Patients with a Low Carb Diet

“What gets better for your patients when they follow a low carb diet, Dr. Naiman?” I asked.
“Everything. Everything I can measure, gets better,” replied Dr. Naiman, enthusiastically.
Don’t miss Dr. Naiman’s story of finding a low carb diet for his own health. He grew up as a vegetarian, thinking he was following a healthy diet, yet he had many health issues, including eczema. Listen in as he explains the transformation in health he’s experienced and how he helps his patients, despite the opinions of his fellow clinician co-workers.

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  • I really enjoyed listening to this discussion! Thanks for sharing!

  • Dr. Naiman is my hero.

  • I really enjoy his interviews, he explains things really well, hope he does more in the future!

  • Thank you so much for this superb interview. Dr. Naiman has such an amazing ability, in his lectures, to really describe the mechanisms behind the low carb diet, in terms that are comprehensible to the layperson.

  • Dr. Naiman's "Diet" video is the best I've ever seen on the topic. I've sent it to everyone I know. I don't know how it doesn't have millions of views. It's simple, clear, accessible, and isn't trying to sell you anything but health.

    I've also found (and recommend) Ivor Cummins through searching for more Dr. ted content. He's also an engineer -> medical type guy who is pro keto / LFHC.

  • My radar just detected Dr Ted Naiman!

  • My concern is all the people that are institutionalised that are being fed a very high carb diet. Carbs are the cheapest food so that what they get fed! The diets are designed by dieticians who will get deregistered if they recommend LCHF. More people are being being cared for with little control over their diet.

  • Absolutely agree on just about everything said here. All I did in the last few months were pullups and pushups 5 sets and each to failure, maybe 3 or 4 times a week, alternating pushups and pullups on "training days". While I was a fat blob earlier on, I now see women's heads turn all the time 🙂

    It does help, of course, that I lost 22kg on keto diet, fixed my fatty liver disease (completely gone), fixed gout, removed all inflamation markers in body (CRP<1.0), got my triglycerides from >300 to 75(!), and got my hba1c from almost prediabetic 5.7 to 4.9. Just another internet success story 🙂

  • Straight forward, excellent information (especially going beyond keto diet to type of exercise).

  • Thank you Dr Naiman for answering my question on why I'm still tired!!!(low mitochondria)

  • excellent presentation but a few suggestions…. TO WALK PAST "THE CRAP" ie CARBS you do not have to eat breakfast…. Intermittent fasting… PLUS 2 cups of BULLETPROOF COFFEE… not made with cream but GRASSFED BUTTER and BRAIN OCTAIN OIL… see David Asprey youtube… HOW TO MAKE BULLETPROOF COFFEE the correct way …. benefits are instant … no more cravings for CRAP … no more hunger … brain clarity … energy …. weight loss… blood sugar balance ….. try it …. you will see the difference…. I've been BULLETPROOF for over a year and am THRIVING …. a bulletproof lifestyle is an UPGRADED version of a KETOGENIC DIET…..

  • in addition one can add a raw egg yolk to ur bulletproof coffee to get additional dense nutrition

  • Dear Carole, i am very impressed. i am highly allergic to eggs both egg yolk and egg white. What would you recommend for breakfast if i can't eat eggs. Thanks Jas

  • Adam Levine? You guys were fabulous, what an amazing interview, thank you!

  • you could use tea

  • Why is there a cat??

  • great show. doc such a hoot. what is with the engineers showing the docs waz up. its huge. its enormous.

  • Great video, thank you! I do have one question relating to his exercise views, when he says to failure does he mean one set or multiple sets?

  • Thanks for this information, was very helpful.

  • Great information, i am a firm believer in the low carb high fat diet. Didn't know a thing on the mitochondria thats new and looking to learn more on this

  • Great information!

  • I don't hear too many physicians say the term…."load of crap"…..I literally died laughing.

  • If you are properly "fatted up" as opposed to "carbed up", there is a very low appetite and
    you really do start eating to live.

  • totally agree with him! I've been doing the same with eating and training

  • Don't seem to be able to complete my endurance workouts on Keto this normal?

  • What a delight to hear a Doc talk like this about low carb. "Apologizing for the whole medical profession!" Hilarious and so nice hear. My biggest health crisis since going Ketogenic 2.5 years ago (insulin resistant with feet and eye symptoms at 5.9) has been my mental health, trying to deal with the anger at my Dr. for telling me "all carbs are good…see you in a year."

    I saved myself no thanks to her and am now trying to influence her through my results. It helps to hear a conversation like this. Thanks to you both.

  • Very interesting perspective from a doctor's education to medical practice and then a Ketogenic diet. Very revealing what is taught and still adhered to in the medical treatment fields. No wonder so many are so sick in our societies.

  • Love to hear about the excercise element and that it doesn't have to be a huge thing in your daily routine to make a difference. Always had that belief too. Need to start incorporating it ASAP!

  • I know it was touched on in the video but not sure it was delved into much. Cholesterol. You go back to the doctor's office after being on a ketogenic diet for a few months – all your lab work has improved but maybe cholesterol is higher (which I suppose could happen). How to discuss that with your doctor? I've read some new studies on cholesterol and different lipids that seem to indicate there may be a lot more complexity to the cholesterol factor than understood before. I know HDL can improve with a ketogenic diet which could counter effects of increased LDL or total cholesterol. There are some lipid profile tests that are not typically ordered by doctors that may show overall improvements in this area while on a ketogenic diet. Is this the approach Dr. Naiman takes with his patients? I can just see a skeptical physician use a total cholesterol increase as "…see, this whole ketogenic thing doesn't work…" Any suggestions?

  • At 21:00 it's mentioned that "people want to believe what they believe"… so very true. I've shared this with a "smart" friend and he refuses to even view the videos. It's not just a physical sickness… in many ways it's a mental sickness…

  • Roseanne Barr has lost a lot of weight;)

  • I've watched many of Ted's vids. He's a smart guy. Nevertheless, he hasn't woken up to the fact that insulin resistance is avoided on a plant based diet when you include 8+ serves of vegetables with main meals and dump processed starchy carbs. The vegetables turn the small intestine into a glucose reservoir with a slow release valve, thereby avoiding high insulin spikes.
    Further, when Ted was a vego his diet must have sucked. A vego diet, like any healthy diet, needs a lot more vegetables than most Americans eat. It's the veg that supply the anti-oxidant protection against fatty streaks and atherogenesis.
    I really have to question his self honesty if he thinks a vego diet was the cause of all is health issues.
    He was living in Loma Linda at the time and needed no other evidence of the benefits of plant based diets.
    Further, for him to buy into the obesity is genetic BS is too easily dismissed by anyone with better than average critical thinking skills.

  • Eggggggggscellent (🥚🥚🥚) interview, Carole…. he is a great doctor…. thank you!
    Sarah… Pearls of Wisdom and Food with Keto

  • I have 4 daughters and I had to tell them I was sorry for lieing to them all those years making them eat all that carbage