Jonah Hill Low Carb Weight Loss FAIL!

Bananiac talks about Jonah Hill and his weight fluctuation over the years consuming a low carb diet as well as Japanese food. Jonah hill currently weighs over 300 lbs and struggles to maintain a healthy diet.

• Jonah Hill Balloons to 300 Pounds on No Carb Diet
• Jonah Hill Weight Loss: Star Talks About Being Skinny in Interview (09.22.2011)
• Superbad-Interview GONE WRONG!

• Channel Trailer:
• Why YOU Should Become Vegan: The Facts:

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  • You guys do really that the majority of society is overweight and consumes way too many carbs?? For the majority that are overweight this is like a public service announcement to get fatter

  • are you that fucking stupid that you cant understand that it was staged ?

  • He doesn't look good though. Looks like he just shrunk and looks weak.

  • chronic diseases please explain…your very biased towards your vegan diet

  • The standard American diet is just sad

  • Come on! He can afford coke now. He was on the Charlie Sheen diet. Lot coke and whores.

  • Man I love that smile. Doesn't this guy have the best smile?

  • Jonah Hill didn't gain the weight on his low-carb diet, he gained back the weight from not sticking to his low-carb diet and by going back to his favorite foods, which are not low-carb.

    Crankiness on a low-carb diet comes from carb-addiction withdrawal. Of course, you won't be in good mood after removing junk food from your diet. Most junk food is high-carb and plant-based, btw. Most food in a grocery store is plant-based.

    Even a fast food meal has more carbs than it does fat or protein by gram. For example, a McDonald's quarter pounder with cheese has more carbs than it does fat or protein by gram because of the bun and that's not including the carbs from the fries and soda.

  • bro do you even lift

  • no smh

  • I googled about "fizy unique plan" & begun pursuing this guidebook minutely. The result has been pretty awesome. You would likely be amazed to know that I shed around 14 pounds just simply in a 7 days.

  • I'm not going to go vegan but I agree that Americans eat way too much animal products

  • u wanker!!….simple as

  • He is just a fat guy. Always will be.

  • half truths put together is what this videos is. you cant get contispated if you eat enough veggies.

  • I hate vegans. Stop trying to convert people into your beliefs.

  • Such low rent manipulative, deceptive dogma.  Clearly Jonah started overindulging in processed crabs which caused his weight gain.  Anyone who has tried low carb or cyclical low carb knows at a worst case scenario, you will eat all you want and maintain weight.  Those who understand what to eat will lose 1 to 2 pounds a week with no exercise or drugs.

  • Low energy.

  • If he can't stick to a low carb diet, you think he can handle nasty ass vegan foods? LOL

  • Low carb diets work bananadumbass they dont lead to failure you ever seen Vince Gironda? He was in way better shape than you'll ever be.

  • Shut the fuck up idiot. Where are you getting this information and that scene at the end was fake so stfu saying it makes you cranky and shit

  • Liberal vegan propaganda

  • you are wrong low carb diet dont make u cranky

  • I remember he lost all the weight then saw a new FILM  trailer with him in it LOOKING FAT AS FUCK IM LIKE DUDE REALLY, YOUR DICK IS GONE, MORE HEAVY BREATHING AND SLOW WALKING WHATS THE POINT

  • You guys are all idiots he had to put on weight for the role in war dogs

  • wow…You had to know the interview was scripted n was meant to be funny. You left out the part where the interviewer told them that their movie was not funny. Everyone should ubsubscirbe