Jimmy Moore’s Journey Losing 180 Pounds Livin La Vida Low Carb (Abel James FatBurningMan.com)

Jimmy Moore tells his story of losing 180 pounds! Listen to the full interview at

As Part II of my interview series that features stories of incredible people and their inspired stories, we have the one and only Jimmy Moore.

Jimmy is a very busy man — he has several websites, several podcasts, several books, and is extremely active in the low-carb and weight loss communities.

Please take a gander at Jimmy’s website here: livinlavidalowcarb.com – his podcast is by far my favorite in all of nutrition and fitness. Jimmy, I appreciate you squeezing in the time to share your story!

Jimmy’s Transformation
In 2004, after attempting every diet under the sun, Jimmy found himself at 410 pounds. After thoroughly researching the low-carb lifestyle and committing to change, Jimmy had shed an incredible 180 pounds and shrunk his waist by 20 inches!

But Jimmy’s transformation hasn’t just changed his body – it’s changed his entire life direction. Eager to change as many lives as he can, Jimmy is now a svelte health personality who reaches thousands of loyal listeners and readers through his inspiring blog and podcasts.

Jimmy often interviews others (an impressive list of best-sellers and celebrities including Gary Taubes, Tim Ferris, Paul Jaminet, Art De Vany, Loren Cordain, Kris Kresser… the list goes on) but I’m happy to give him the chance to be on the other side of the mic.

Abel picks Jimmy’s brain about the following (and plenty… moore)
Losing weight enormous amounts of weight is incredible, but not many are able to keep it off. You’ve maintained a healthy weight for years now — what is your secret?
How has your life changed since your transformation?
You tried the low fat diet and actually had some significant — but temporary — success. Can you explain why low fat diets didn’t work and don’t work for most others?
Low-carb isn’t summed up by ordering your McDonald’s bacon cheeseburger without the bun. Could you set the record straight about what low-carb really means?
What is your advice for someone who is in a similar situation as you were in the past?
Why in the world would anyone ever eat little bags of marshmallows?

Not only is Jimmy’s story and vocation an inspiration, he is also a terrific guy. I’m looking forward to hanging out with him in Austin at Paleo FX in March!

Hear the full interview at:

  • There's a lot of detractors, especially those in the vegan/vegetarian low-fat camps, that point out Jimmy gained some of his weight back…

    But that fact should NEVER detract from what he accomplished. Many dieters do gain some weight back – but when you consider unlike many, Jimmy didn't gain it all back, he's done pretty danged well.

    Also, many dieters have emotional/psychological reasons for eating that low-carb alone won't fix – What Jimmy accomplished is truly fantastic.

    Hat's off.

  • Jimmy's over 300lbs now. He's the spokesman for the low carb movement? Oh boy! Like I want to get dietary advice from a guy who can't reach his butt to wipe.

  • 286: livinlavidalowcarb. com/blog

  • Shaq: 325 lbs.
    LeBron James: 270 lbs.
    Jimmy's a tall guy — not as tall as those two basketball players, but tall enough for the New York Tall Club — and he also has excess skin from when he used to be fatter. It's not all fat. He also has a lot of skeletal muscle, reportedly: fathead-movie. com

  • When I want the truth I go to Fat Head.

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