Jeff Seid Q&A Part 3 (Best way to Diet, Favorite DBZ Character, Motivation)

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  • He doesn't look as impressive as he looks in the photos…I don't know maybe he is natural and has some really good genetics..!

  • Lol you flexed so much you started to sweat XD

  • Jeff may be natural assuming freak genetics (unlikely), but he DAMN well knows Mike O'Tren isn't natural, pretty much just saving face by saying he is.

  • i eat about every 2 hours and i am not fat but my lower belly is getting bigger but their is no fat on my belly.Don't know what to do. Anybody help??

  • Umm was their any moment you end up tired while working out and I wonder how can I do work out for myself for my stomach to try to keep it in shape have any clue for what I should work on

  • Yo, Jeff, how do you feel about "Dragon Ball Super" getting announced? It takes place after the Buu Saga.

  • just how much pussy do you get?

  • Fuck Goku He's so overrated in my opinion… 

    1. Vegeta
    2. Future Trunks

  • This might sound cheesy, but dragon ball z motivates me to workout.

  • When i saw you saying that words about DBZ, i smile because it's the same thoughts that i have about it,,

  • The beiber hair and saying " like" every other word is killing my ability to absorb any advice from this guy.

  • Maybe he's natural or not. Regardless Jeff seid looks friendly as fuck. Super cool dude.

  • Steroided fagget boy

  • "i think michael hern is a fuckin savage dude, he's a fucking badass, he's like 40 years old and he's yolked as fuck. he says he's natural, and u know what? i fucking believe him if you know what i mean you fuck, fucking cunt brah, fuck fucking fuck. potatoes fucking on a fuck bed fucking shit FUCK!!"

  • How to make your abs burn faster

  • Jeff love u bro, pls do more Q&A want to know more! whats ur favorite naruto Character :DD

  • wait, drop your BMR by 1000??? you realize most peoples bmr's are 1900-2100… I think you meant TDEE, unless you're telling people to cut on 900 calories..?

  • I fucking love this guy. (Full homo)

  • 7:307:40 you're a bad liar bro, mentioning steroids + your face expression.. says it all 😀

    still mirinn braah!! xdd

  • can we have aesthetic physic without gym?

  • Jeff Saiid

  • "Let's look at her and see if ill smash"
    im dying lol

  • hes leaner bulking than i am cut

  • "Who doesn't wanna be aesthetic as fuck, walk around like a demigod." hell ya

  • that is my goal and I will get there.
    much respect

  • Roids or not, this guy knows more than 99.5% of the commenters on this video. He's obviously a fan of bodybuilding, actually has a vision and has had success so far. How many people can say that for themselves?

  • i can see why people are so into this guy, he's a total brah. lol

  • I wouldn't life seeing you in a movie or TV show Jeff 🖥

  • whats the point of competitions?

  • DBZ question…never even heard of the show, super great listening too xD btw come june 2018 your records getting broken, here i come!

  • does he have makeup on

  • Best Part Of The Video: The Shirtless One 😀😀😀

  • oh you speak english.

  • "Drop your BMR by 1,000cal".. what the fuck ?

  • when posing why do you stick your toungue out? zyzz used to do it all the time.

  • My BMR 1700 calories. How much calories should i take for my cut from 17% body fat to 8% ?

  • Haircut tutorial ? fuuuark

  • I wanna see u as an actor

  • I'm stoger than you

  • I dont get how people think he is on steroids because he would have to be on such a low dosage that it would like taking trt and at that point why wouldn't he get a bit bigger?

  • trunk and goku now thats the reason i give you a thumbs up

  • 1000 calories….? No; you would be a skinny little bitch if you ate a 1000 calories a day, especially if you're working out. You would be burning excess calories on top of that. I'm 22 and I count my macros, I try an consume 3,500 calories a day and I struggle just to maintain a 160lb ripped and I'm trying to gain weight! I'm not trying to hate because I respect this dude and everything he's accomplished, but he needs to get his nutrition facts straight because thats a load of horse shit. There is no way in hell he consumes just 1000 calories when he cuts.

  • are you gay?

  • a moment of silence for aziz

  • broo please tell me where you got them sports shorts at i couldn't find them !

  • Fucking Zyzz wannabe.

  • What's the name of the song at 17:17?

  • what

  • your traveling into Portugal?

  • He is cool/normal guy honestly, hate is undeserved. Same with zyzz, jealous phaggots will always hate it doesn't matter what you do