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  • keep grinding, every day💯🌴⛽

  • Your such a great role model. I'm not just saying that.Such a inspiration💯✨👌

  • Those cookie cutter plans from these ShredZ type of people just ain't gonna cut it! Drop the mic though next time lol

  • Omg your freaking amazing, I love this video and the message. I feel like I've been wanting to loose weight for so long and I still have not reached my goals. I would love to do your challenge.

  • Along with loving everything about this video, I absolutely LOVE what you had to say about those bad transformation challenges! I got stuck doing the wrong type of weightloss challenge for about a year, then i found IIFYM, and I just learned so much about how I was actually depriving myself of things that the body may need once in a while. So worth it!

  • dang it i wish i still had my ig for that giveaway! love this video i totally agree about the bad challenges. ps- ur hair is always so perfect lol

  • THANK YOU FOR TALKING ABOUT THIS! Yes, I have been seeing so many challenges online as of lately, but unfortunately it's easy to get a girl to sign up for the wrong one (the ones that seem too good to be true with the transformation pictures) if she doesn't know what else to do, and then they go down this path of thinking they HAVE to deprive themselves of certain foods in order to reach their goals. And not only that, but these people selling these programs are just half assing it and don't want to put in the work to truly help each client, just want to feed a bunch of BS, make money and go. Also, just checked out your website. I am low-key obsessed with all your photos under your portfolio 😉 <3

  • mmmmm …. cookie cutter aka crappy plans = shredz? 😛

  • ayyyy Speaking all kinds of truth on this vid…professional jimmy rustler nomsayin'? Thumbs up!

  • LOL S/O to Shredzzzz. Loved this videooo. So many people, and mainly women, are affected by the bullshit this industry puts out there. So happy to see someone genuine like you that actually cares about people. Isn't that why we're in this industry in the first place? So easy to lose sight of that.

  • you are the sweetest thing ever, I love your channel ! Happy easter girl

  • Amazon sells standing desks! My friend tele works full time and loves it😊

  • Love that you talk about being a role model first 🙏🏽❤️

  • Your really cute! Ha😃 what is in your waffle? Do u just use egg, protein? And it works? Awesome..

  • I enjoy all your videos ❤️❤️❤️

  • YASSS GIRL!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 preach!! So irritating. Those transformation photos are inspiring, but no one sees the real "after". One month after the challenge and they're 5lb heavier than they were when they started!! It infuriates me.

  • I swear I can't say, "good morning" without thinking of you 😂😘

  • your face is flawless like what how why what

  • "Life is too short to say no to foods" 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 couldn't agree more. You're amazing & ily 😊❤️

  • Your hair is amazing!! So so true what you said about challenges, when I first gotinto fitness loads of people asked me what special diet plan i went on and I didn't do any kind of diet plan or challenege to get to where I am because I don't think a lot of them are maintainable! If you want to look a certain way then you have to make a lifestyle change and not just do it for a certain number of weeks, because once the challenge or diet is done, you just go back to your old ways and end up putting on weight again! Anyway, amazing video, you had some great things to say and I'm very glad that I have subscribed!! 🙂 xx

  • "Life is too short to say no to foods." Love that!!! Thanks for spreading the truth!

  • Love your honesty and realness of societal gimmicks versus reality and wanting to do your do diligence and really help woman lose weight the healthy and sustainable way. Love your soul and miss our chats, would love to FT soon. Your a star, can't wait to say 'I told you so' when you reach 100K on here 😉

  • you put this perfectly 🙌🏽 ily and I'm so glad you decided to post this <3

  • rufflin' those feathers. so happy you decided to make it <3 love youuuu

  • Ugh you're so encouraging and relatable! Awesome vid!

  • YAS Yami 👏🙌💗

  • Thank you, darling for your real life encouragment. You keep being you

  • Agree with every word of your rant.❤️ It brokes my heart and makes me mad when people do such harmfull things to their self and because I have been there to. I hope one day that everyone will understand that CARBS AND FOOD IS NOT THE ENEMY! And that you can reach your goals without straving yourself or do hours of cardio.

  • Oh my gosh I need to get a waffle iron already. 😋 lol

  • Hi.

  • Great message here & good info! Love your content. Had to subscribe 😉

  • You're so inspiring!! That waffle looked so good 🙂

  • YAAASS to everything you said!!

  • Agreed! "One size fits all" challenges are never a good idea. If the coach has hundreds – if not thousands of clients, how can you expect them to help you? Macros are specific to individuals and especially if you are a beginner, your coach should help you calculate them. Please be careful, ladies!

  • luv ya your last meal looked bomb I'm going to attempt to make them happy for your weight you look great as always

  • That dinner was literally everything! So random and so good

  • What was you starting weight? Just curious since you're at 151 now

  • Another top video, great work 🙂

  • Telling people to 'run the other way' when they're told by certain people to avoid certain foods is your opinion. You're putting your opinion out there right now to us just the same way those other people believe certain foods should be avoided. Maybe we should be running from you when you're telling us 'eat what you want as long as IFYM. I personally dont believe in IIFYM after being taught the science behind clean eating from a masters degree professional nutritionist. I get my one meal a week where i get to 'enjoy' any food i like and ive been doing that for a year now happily. Hard work – but dedication is worth it. Dont slam other peoples methods and promote your own just because thats what YOU think is right.

    I do believe you're correct about how we shouldn't follow the cookie cutter programe of course – its just the fact im getting the impression you're saying clean eating is unnecessary.

  • ranDUMB lol – i LOVE your voice. The tone, sound and the hint of the accent.

  • That waffle!! 😍 What brand/ model is your waffle maker? I really want to get my hands on one! ☺️

  • "Hold onto your hats buckos" WHAT I was expecting hold onto your lugnuts or nutsacs

    ps. love dis & you

  • :)) recently found you channel, i very much enjoy your videos 😛 you should make some favorite food recipe videos! with good macros and volume maybe 😀

  • Just stumbled upon your channel and immediately subscribed! Love your vlogs 🙂

  • Yaaass hispanic+arab. I can finally relate to someone ! Im ecuadorian+pakistani.
    BUT My parents dont even get along with their differences. My dad doesnt speak spanish so he uses me to communicate with my mother because she doesnt speak urdu and vice versa. Im like middle ground here since they immigrated from ecuador-pakistan & their english is horrible.
    How do you do it 0.0 lol
    Ahh y sabes español & arabic?