I Want To Gain Weight: 3 Mass Building Secrets From A Fitness Model

Skinny guys, get more tips for gaining weight fast:

If you have been kicking back and telling yourself “I want to gain weight,” then we have the perfect video for you to check out. Fitness model Troy Adashun is an expert at helping skinny guys find ways to gain weight fast because he used to be in the exact same position!

Gaining weight fast does not have to be as hard as you think when you are able to incorporate mass building secrets into your routine.

I Want to Gain Weight: 3 Mass Building Secrets

1:03 – Better Forms of Protein

Troy discusses how gaining weight fast has a lot to do with the quality of your protein consumption. Watch the video closely as he reveals the highest quality sources of protein for maximum muscle growth and a positive nitrogen balance. Consuming slower digesting high quality forms of protein will drip-feed your muscles the amino acids necessary for optimum muscle growth.

2:42 – Heavy Carbs Around Your Workouts

Gaining weight fast means that you need to ingest carbohydrates around your workouts to spike your insulin. Many guys ask how they can gain weight fast and are on these crazy low carb diets. This is not going to help you build muscle! Carbohydrates are just as vital as protein for building lean muscle mass quickly. If you want to gain weight, follow the carbohydrate blueprint from the video.

4:00 – Keep a Strength Log

Getting stronger is a great sign that you are gaining weight fast. That is why Troy recommends keeping a strength log for your 3 most important muscle-building exercises. Check out the video to hear Troy’s take on this.

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