Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Low Carbohydrate Diets

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This is a guided hypnotherapy session, designed to positively reinforce your healthy diet and nutrition choices. The suggestions within this recording are specifically oriented towards reducing one’s cravings for starchy carbohydrates, such as breads and white flour products.

Please note, I do not advocate any particular dietary approach – it is entirely your own responsibility to follow your personal healthy and sensible eating plan, in consultation with your medical physician or nutritionist. This hypnosis session may only further enhance your own, individual healthy choices.

Do not listen to this recording whilst driving or operating machinery.

This recording is in no way a replacement for any prescribed medication; nor is it intended to contraindicate or supersede any medically diagnosed conditions.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. The power for positive change resides within your own mind. If you choose to accept the suggestions presented in this session, you can rest comfortably knowing that you are the one safely in control of your own positive results.

Peace & Enjoy

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  • Can you please do one for weight gain too please

  • This is a wonderful session.

  • How can I get low carb hypnosis as a mo3 file.

  • that advertisement is waaaaay too long! That is ridiculous!

  • Perfect, way above your average hypnotist, been listening to them for years but you are fantastic!
    Many thanks for this awesome video x

  • Hi Michael, I am having trouble finding a hypnosis video that works for me. Instead of weight loss, I need help with eating more. I've been to doctors, etc. all they insist is that I eat more, although don't give me tips. My body slightly feels hunger but I don't ever feel motivation to eat. I have to force myself once I feel my blood sugar dropping. I'm not anorexic or severely underweight, but maybe that's TMI. Lol. Can you do a hypnosis video to help those who are trying to GAIN healthy weight please? I enjoy your videos over others and would appreciate this so much!

  • hello im gonna try this every night for two to three weeks i will come back to tell the results

  • I have just found you. I would enjoy one that would help me with art to not overthink, better relax and enjoy, remember skills, find my own style, let energy around me guide my paintings…etc. 🙂

  • I have been enjoying your videos for several weeks now and sharing with friends! Do you have any sessions just for eliminating sugar cravings?

  • hey buddy how can I get rid of negative thoughts,I get sacred immediately when my chest pain that's is just because of gas issues but my mind stated that I am been getting heart attack and then started losing control over me and also if hear anyone death news I again start losing my control this is happening daily I need your guidance so would be waiting for your response

  • This relaxes me soo muchh… but although i want to fall into that complete deep trance i always find my self still awake but reallyyyy relaxed.. I tend to drift to my personal paradise and not trance.. any advice ?? will trying this daily for a week work?

  • Id like to use this at night – without the wake up – can you do it with a sleep ending?

  • How about a session for not liking the taste of sugar, sugar would have a negative taste, to program your mind to not like sweet things.
    As an intermediate body building with a real problem for sugar cravings and binge eating ,i would love to have a hypnosis recording that would program my mind to not like sugar or the taste of anything sweet, and love eating clean and healthy.
    The problem with so many sessions are that they are mostly concentrated in weight loss and not to eat clean and not like the taste of sugar. If you are not looking for weight loss it becomes a challenge to find anything decent.

  • Thank you so much! I listen to several of your hypnosis tracks and love them all. You've helped me immensely!

  • Thank you …. I love listening to your voice and the contents. ….

  • Great Video !

  • how about one for stopping craving and eating sugary foods – junk foods.

  • Oh my god this is so cool! Its like a fell asleep then at the end you woke me up and I was normal! I've never been hypnotized before! So awesome!!! Please do one for nail biting!? Pretty please!

  • Hi I was wondering if by any chance you do personal hypnosis I have a addiction to sugar I can't stay away and I was going you can help me

  • I think you have a soothing voice. Lovely! Thank you for posting these videos.

  • Will this help me like eating a low carb diet? I want to find low carb eating delicious.

  • hey I quit smoking cigarettes and I smoked since I was fifteen years old and I'm turning 26so thanks I watch your videos every night

  • I have been looking for a hypnosis session for juicing. I have some kind of block that is keeping me from being as successful as I should be. It's not hunger induced but something gets in my way. Self worth maybe? The voices in my head keep tripping me up.

  • Love love love your videos

  • Thank you I lost 70 pounds