How to survive a low carb diet

Here’s the list of 5 tactics:

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  • you're amazingggggggg <3

  • Great tipps, Andrea. If you have some time pls check out my channel. I have a lot of different Fitness related videos and I think you will like them ;D

  • Great tips and ideas, Andrea! Thank you for taking the time to put this together 😀

  • I love you Andrea, I would love to Marry a girl like you (: 

  • LOVE YOU for this!!

  • Niceuhhhh. Thanks!

  • Really awesome tips Andrea!

  • excellent and very beautiful too 

  • How to survive a low carb diet, don't go on a low carb diet, srs.

  • Totally agree with the single-macro-foods part especially! I enjoy my food so much with just building meals out of mostly single-macro ingredients so I can put the puzzle together however I want instead of being at the mercy of the predetermined macros of something processed.

  • I just started carb cycling with my macros 'cause I plateaued with my weightloss. But I've always tended to run out of fats way faster than carbs. Am I the only one with that problem? I've never had an issue with going low-carb as sometimes I actually struggle to hit my carbs on my high/moderate carb days lol (i found these english muffins with AMAZING macros 0-1F/20C/4P)

  • I still love you.

  • did you know that some stores sell bread&butter pickles sweetened with splenda???? them zero calorie feels tho 

  • I'm soo weird. Normally I don't really like Greek yoghurt either but then when I was doing a mini cut earlier this year the last 2 weeks I was on poverty macros low carb and I turned to Greek yoghurt. I fell in love for those two weeks and now in reversediet diet I don't like it any more bahaha xD. Great tips and looking gorgeous as always!

  • Solid tips for sure! You brushed on the idea but I'd say the biggest thing is to not drink any of your calories. Water, black coffee, and diet drinks can keep you full without taking up valuable carbs.

  • cardio! I always add a bit of cardio to allow for a few extra carbs per day, but I guess I dont have to worry about amenorhea… I find I can add up to 300 cals of cardio per day while dieting to allow for some extra carbs before it messes me up. Much more than this and the cardio just makes me that much more hungry even after eating back what I burned.

  • Really good video, Andrea!! You definitely know how to survive on some low macros!! 

  • Hello!!! I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your videos! Especially this one is my favorite so far. I am currently cutting and this video really made me re-think on what I eat. I used to pretty much eat a protein bar every day and I never really realized those carb/fat/protein packed one item foods really do matter when you have not a lot to work with. Keep up the great work! you are a great inspiration! 

  • What is your recommendation on light products? Like pepsi max etc.? Cheers :3

  • Great vid. Very gd ideas on approaching dieting.

  • You forgot Jello:)

  • Nm

  • what i found really helpful on low calorie times instead of protein bars( i crave for sweet things every time i have a coffee) is  i eat whole food as a protein source  (chicken , pork fillet,…) with rice or vegies, then i mix my nut butters with cocoa , xylitol and spelt flake (to make it crunchy) make a mini sandwich with mini rice cakes