HOW TO START a well formulated KETOGENIC DIET – lose fat, build muscle, get ripped

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  • Preach it brother! You've got great views and great content. Keep'em coming!

  • Thanks for the video. You have certainly done your research and appear to have the physique to back it up! I've been doing keto for about a year now. More to get myself off of type 2 diabetic meds. And it has worked. This along with fasting 36 hours, 2 separate days a week. As a side effect, I have lost about 50lbs and down to what I think is a good weight for myself, for now. Although I still have a bit of belly fat.

    Anyway, I've been weight training and of course would like to burn off the rest of my fat and put on some more lean mass. So will just following the keto diet as you explain pretty much yield the results I seek, as I train? That is, get your ratios down and go for it? There isn't much talk about "build muscle, get ripped" as the video title suggests and this is the kind of information I'm really after.

    I'd like to know that I can still keep carbs minimal, all the time and still get great results. I read so much how we MUST consume carbs for this to happen.

  • are the frozen salmon filets that are individually sealed ok for the diet?

  • Can I continue to use 25 grams of Whey Protein (grass fed and organic) post workout if I am on a Ketogenic diet????

  • damn 2 to 3 avocados a day-_- sounds expensive…

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  • hey how do i get my potassium on keto? kiwis, banannas, potatoes, beans, coconut water, dried apricots all have high potassium

  • Your information and knowledge is fabulous, thanks for sharing

  • I've done the HCG diet for a year.. so basically I have fruit in my diet and I try to not do starch unless from a veggie I use xylitol and now foods flavored stevia sweeteners for coffee.. ghee,coconut oil .. so other than that Ive basically been on a protein (chicken) and veggie and fruit & low sugar life style. Haven't taken hcg in 2 months but I'm really looking to start keto… any recommendations?? I've tried adding in bacon and cut my fruits out and it seems to make me gain. Also I'm a stay at home mother and not very active because of this!

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  • Thanks for the tips and info.

  • Say something to people with gallbladder removals

  • Why did you leave the fruitarian lifestyle? and thoughts on raw Keto?

  • it is sooooooo refreshing to hear someone preach my philosophy on food. we were homesteaders in NC and grew all our fruit, meat, veggies. made all our ferments, cheeses, soaps etc. awesome job!

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  • So why shouldn't you start out with lower calories if you're not obese and work out a lot? Cause I was dieting for awhile before I found the keto diet and felt it wasn't good to move from 2000 calories back up to around 3000 which is my maintenance

  • Must not be worried about being a Gringo in the land of brown people.

  • we need more people as knowledgeable as you in the Keto community man. Keep it up

  • What kind of potassium do you recommend?

  • for me it s very hard to understand that buillding muscle on keto with less than 100g protein but enough gramms of fat (80 kg bodyweight) ist possible.

    that would mean i could build muscle on high carb with less than 100 g protein but enough gramms of carbs?

    sry 4 my bad english, i hope you get my point.

  • no sugar, dairy(including whey protein), gluten, caffeine

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  • Might I suggest you completely ignore calories for the first 2-3 weeks. It's hard enough to get over carbs as it is, trying to cut calories (or even pay attention to them) in the beginning is a recipe for failure. Once you get used to it and are into keto (after about a month), you will be at the point where you have to make an effort to exceed 1,600 calories a day. Getting over carbs in the beginning is more than hard enough. Don't make it harder by limiting your intake. ~ Fat all my life, went keto and lost 101 lbs in 7 months while sitting on my ass.

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  • Just looking into this 'diet' ( i hate that word) . I feel like I need to take my eating habits up to the next level since I since to hold water and stomach fat. I typically eat a paleo diet and im dairy free ! But im a runner and workout twice a week and do HIIT. I feel like my sugar drops very quickly because my endurance levels seem low. Im hoping this will help me tone up but increase energy and endurance. Im not overweight but my digestion sucks so i may be in insulin resistance!

  • this is what a healthy person looks like take note ppl

  • Looking good brother! Did you actually put on all that mass on Keto and how did you do it? Thanks! 🙂

  • Keto and steds, yep.

  • I'm not sure if you'll read this since this video is from 2015, but I wanted to draw your attention to "Agrihoods" (spelling?). I think you will find it very interesting if you aren't aware of them already. I enjoy your vids. keep it up!

  • When people say .8 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass do they mean total body weight minus fat or dry lean mass? According to a test i took I have a lean body mass of 157 and dry lean mass of 42. 115 lb body water and 117 lbs of fat.

  • Can I eat avocados on keto diet if my blood type says avocados are one of the foods I should avoid?
    I feel fine eating them, and I don't understand why Blood Type O's need to avoid them.

  • Im starting Keto soon . And i have few question about FRUIT . Do you guys eat any fruits (exept avocado ofc) ? I was going to eat 50g of frozen mixed berries in a shake like 30 min before hit the gym. Is it too much? will this kick me out of ketosis? plz answer @Primal Edge Health . thx!

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  • You don't need a cookie cutter formula all you need is to cut off carbs and drink a ton of water. It's extremely easy when done correctly. One month at a time or more but not too much more keto is not a life style it's a rapid fat loss switch.

  • Very good talk! Sound dietary information; love your philosophy!
    _One caveat_: get your kidneys checked. Too much protein can adversely impact the kidneys, especially in those with existing mildly compromised kidney function; many people don't know their kidney function is in trouble until it's reached dangerous levels…too much protein can tip the balance too far.
    _Second caveat_: Also have vit. C on hand, since protein and fat doesn't usually have it, and low carbs mean less C from that source.
    Note: Minerals can easily come from kelp snacks, various mineral products that include all the trace minerals…these make a big difference! Most are chronically deficient in trace minerals, which shows up as allergies such as to MSG, aspartame, chronic ills like high Blood Pressure, etc. [ref.: "Clinical Pearls" ..sorry, it's been out of print for over 25 years]

  • Props for encouraging whole food lifestyles and systems. New subscriber after hearing your great info and beliefs.

  • If you're watching this video for the info on mineral/electrolyte content. Time stamp is 9:55

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  • fuck, for the last 3 days of virtually no carbs i've hit 200p and 200 f. I've been eating around 200 p a day for years so ill have to adapt with more oils and avocado.

  • Love it. Great video. Lots of info. I like that you support organic and building the future. Awesome, we need more people to think the same. Absolutely right it's not just our bodies it's the environment and the animals etc. Thanks for explaining it all in an point blank easy way 🙂

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  • 5000mg of sodium?
    What about those who suffer from high blood pressure?

  • Very impressed with this video and all your videos. One question, as a beginner, quite overweight 51 year old woman, how do I know what my "calories" should be for working out my fat intake…lean body mass calculator says 120 so that means 96 grams protein, net 30 carbs although I can easily do net 20.