How To Make Your Low Carb Diet Easy (Substitutions)

– Simple food replacements you can make to make a low carb diet easy. Turn your diet into a high protein/low carb one. Here’s the substitutions summarized:

* Potato replace with cauliflower

* Bread / tortillas replace with Mama Lupe’s Tortillas

* Chips/Fries replace with Celeriac (celery root) fries

* High carb sauces replace with sour cream & chive, mayonnaise, tartar sauce, roasted garlic Italian

* Chocolate bars & snacks replace with peperami (pork salami bar), string cheese, Go-Lower bars, pickled eggs

* Supermarket Peanut Butter replace with Natural Peanut Butter or other Nut Butters like Hazelnut Butter

* Crisps/Chips replace with Flavored Nuts

* Milk replace with Double/Heavy Cream with water

* Sugar replace with Splenda / Stevia

* Soda replace with Diet Soda sweetened with sucralose

Hope that helps!

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  • I see, I guess from some of the articles he appeared a bit Scottish, that's cool either way

  • Great Video!

  • Very helpful.

    Also there is this bread that is 9 grams of carbs per serving. I cant remember name but it is brown and i got it at walmart.

  • love the accent!

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  • Stevia is also a really good low carb sweetener, and it's not artificial either. Though I've never yet seen a soft drink that's made with stevia.

  • Some great tips in this video, also the suggestions actually tackle the sort of real life substitutes that you will need instead of offering stupid gourmet recipes that no normal everyday dieter would ever use.

  • big nuts lol

  • awesome vid dude

  • Not sure if comment are really want to help or just selling their product

  • Thank you so much for making this video, the only thing I had heard of was the cauliflower instead of potatoes (which IS really good!). Everything else sounds great 🙂 oh and cool accent bro!

  • As a sugar substitute, try Stevia.

    It's all natural, very sweet, and will not raise your blood sugar level.

    Additionally, it heals the pancreas.

  • Good stuff man keep it up!!

  • Oh thank you this will make life a lot easier. Please post more substitutes.

  • you i can have some mustard with like some steak or chicken right cuz aint got nothing but lil salt let me know budd please?

  • feck, he has totally made me watch again!!!

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  • Thanks for the tips, Hunkasaurus! =)

  • Great tips! I have just started going low carb, the past couple of weeks. Great to know. 🙂

  • awesome accent thanks for being the coolest fitness authority I know

  • i don't eat carbs anymore

  • stupid question time: what do people do when they feel down and they might usually eat something "bad" or have a drink? Are the "fit" people all mentally well adjusted?

  • Hey Mark – I was searching through the drinks in Tesco – the No added sugar cloudy lemonade has sucralose rather than aspartame – so that's another choice if you're interested!