How to maintain a low carb diet and why i like it. Low carb diets are not the devil!
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  • Ive never tried a low carb diet before, as I've only done one cut before n that was for a very short period as I was not that big to start with haha. When I cut in April I may try low carb, good insight here 🙂

  • Low carbs is my kryptonite. I always crave em like a crack addict. So intermittently fasting works for me! good video bruh

  • Very informing content … your low carb plan sounds like a good idea !

  • I am on the devil's diet like always! Damn…

  • I'm trying to go back to very low carb diet again(<50g) since I went off the ketogenic diet for about 1 month now after reaching my goal weight, but now I feel like I'm always bloated from eating 150g-200g carbs a day and I don't think I'm getting any leaner. I don't want to go as hardcore as I did before where I kept my carbs strictly below 50g every single day so I want to try having a refeed day or a large meal consisting of 200-300g of carbs, 1000 calories over my maintenance of 2400 on a Sunday and be ready for another week of gym. Do you recommend having the carbs spread out through the day or can I eat the large meal in one sitting? I am currently doing Intermittent fasting 20/4 with 800 calorie deficit. Thanks.

  • thanks for the info…..coooolll