HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST LOW CARB ATKINS DIET: Before & After My Weightloss Journey

Hey my dolls!! I know it’s been forever since I’ve uploaded : ( but I’m back and in action! Expect new vids soon : ) xoxoxo I hope you enjoy this : ) feel free to follow me on Instagram @aliciajaved

  • You look great girl, thanks for sharing!

  • Wow!! You have lost a LOT of weight!!

  • Check out my new vid : )

  • WHAT an amazing transformation! 

    PS i love your description… " just click off and go about your day " haha 

    I am on my fitness journey as well ! Maybe we can help support each other or something ? If you’re comfortable, would you be up for adding each other on FB and maybe we can help each other along the way ? 

    Let me know =) If not, good luck !!

  • You look amazing and this is so motivating. I have been lower carb the past few weeks and am finally starting to see some loss. I still gotta go through all your videos to make sure I didn't miss it but if I didn't I'd love to see a video on your weight loss and the different things you did that you found helpful on your journey. Congrats on such an accomplishment, I definitely subscribed : ) <3

  • There is no "how to lose weight". This is just a bunch of before and after pics, which look great btw. Just saying that perhaps a live video might be more helpful.

  • First off you look amazing! Second you were beautiful before☺ I know what its like to lose so much weight and feel amazing it really brings out the sexy in people lol so much changes and not only your looks people around you change and how they make you feel.stay true to yourself and Have FUN! Good job!

  • You look great how what was the time frame for the 60lb weight loss ?   I just started today as I am sick and tired of being sick tired. One last try before considering  gastric sleeve surgery.

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  • wow you look great I to I've lost alot of weight 2st since April you look amazing

  • Congratulations on your weight loss. However, I honestly think you looked happier when you were bigger.


  • could you make vidoes on what you ate to lose weight

  • You can get the same results on a high carb whole food plant base diet and it's much healthier to do so.

  • Alicia beside u lost so much weight , amazing ….
    you are very beautiful too

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  • how to do what?….

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  • I would love to have your dedication! Great Job!

  • Well made video Great job 🙂

    Check out this one if you want to lose weight or put on some muscle.,,..,,,

  • you are like two different people) 60lb lost and no loose skin..and your bosom got even bigger! ))

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  • you are very pretty…want to follow your path to lose my weight

  • I recently began the Atkins diet and already feel more amazing than I have in years!

    May I add, however, that you were just as beautiful before as you are now. God bless you

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  • Were you able to sustain your weight loss on that diet?

  • hello…u look great…are u still doing atkins

  • MN

    Now how do you maintain your weight? Will you be limiting carbs for ever ?

  • when you're going through diet. did you do some exercise? or just diet? need help, I just start doing the Atkins diet, (sorry for my messy english)

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  • You look beautiful … before and after!!!!  Congrats!

  • Beautiful before and after! Natural beauty. I'm on the Atkins diet and it's been going great I'm on stage 1. Tomorrow will be my second week. But I gain 2lbs on the scale today when everyday so far I have lost weight. Did u ever get this and why does it happen? Xxx

  • AJ

    I'm doing Atkins right now. 😊

  • How much weight did you lose on this diet and how long did it take

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