How to gain weight and muscle on a High Carb Low Fat Vegan Diet

Most of my clients and the people I know who have been eating high carb low fat vegan for a while are getting super lean. How do you gain healthy weight and muscle while eating a HCLF vegan diet.

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Bless it!!

  • Oh, this is what i expected my god you're a mind reader!

  • I like Calisthenics more but good Points here 😉

  • Hey, do I have to worry about the amount of spices i put into my food? I usually use black pepper, sweet pepper, sea salt, turmeric, garlic.

  • Great vid

  • good video Rob

  • great series Rob , I have been vegan for 13 months since discovering your channel , I have rosacea and eat clean as per your guidelines 80 %of the time. I am still struggling with redness and know that i need to discipline myself to 100 % clean. My question is how to deal with and cravings any tips ? Beer coffee and salty snacks are my down fall.
    Also since changing my diet I am struggling with sleep. I have never been a great sleeper but since my diet change it has gotten worse.

  • would you recommend upping protein

  • Very interesting. I'm a rigid ectomorph and and only gain weight up to a point and then plateau. Only time I gained significant weight was when doing intense physical work while living abroad and – incidentally – on a near vegan diet. Advice here sounds good – especially weight routine – will try it!

  • I'm always looking for ways to get stronger. Currently doing my best to lose all the fat I gained from a traditional "BULK". Seems like all I did last year was kill my self in the gym and drink whey protein. Ended up gaining ALLOT of fat and feeling like crud. Not to mention my cholesterol went way up WTF? Eating plants makes me feel WAY better and I will definitly take this advice to practice once I lose these love handles lol

  • i have noticed it many times. why your cheeks are red than normal. is it something related to Seb Derm or is it normal? just curious.

  • Bro, came across your channel 1 week ago and literally every video you have made matches with my past life / current lifestyle. Used to play alot of sports and eat fast food constantly because always being on the go etc. Feel like a build up led me to develop skin issues (acne in my case) when i was young. Now, just over the past 6 months been trying to get over this acne once and for all by following pretty much the exact diet/lifestyle tips you've been suggesting. Dont stop making vids! 😀

  • more avocados, cheekpeas & resistance training!

  • Do you use suspension trainers like TRX?

  • I don't want to gain weight. i want to lose fat and gain muscle. lol is that possible?