How to build muscles on a low carbohydrate diet:low carb diet muscles

How to build muscles on a low carbohydrate diet
Best diet to build muscle
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  • Awesome vid bro

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  • Of course you can build muscle on a low carb diet. My question is, although I already know the answer and it isn't a good one, can you build muscle at the same speed as with high carb diet ? All studies show bigger muscle gains on a high carb diet of course mixed with a lot of body fat.. But for lean people like me it doesn't matter. So staying healthy or aiming for bigger gains, tough question :/

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  • you do not BUILD new muscles like this, you just loose fat (eventually) so the muscles you ALREADY have look more definite

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  • Jimmy, you don't going deep enough into the topic.
    You said "it doesnt worked because either too low or too strict."
    Compared to what ?
    Around under 50 gs/day of carbs ketosis begins, and that metabolic state is a different "planet", many things what are true in carb burning state are non existent, reversed, or very different in fat burning state.  

    Carb itself has no direct function in building muscle, it's only provides fuel for the cells, but fat (ketone) does the same without insulin (once you are in nutritional  ketosis), what carb does also, it's retains water A LOT, so it makes the muscle tissue look bigger as it's pumped with water, if you withdraw carbs you'll lose that water and your muscle becomes "smaller" and hard as rock, but you don't loosing net muscle mass.
    Ketone over a certain concentration in the blood are highly anti catabolic, for example my weight and circumferences, fat % are the same after more than three weeks off of gym, because of sickness.

  • You don't really need to worry much about when to eat carbs imo

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  • Alf

    Can I opt to eat proteins n fats only at post workout? I'm diabetic, so carbs is mostly out of the question for me
    (Now on a ketogenic way of eating most of the time)

  • I like your video I always eat my carbs post workout at pm time after 6 when I finish my exercise I gain lot muscle from actually and not lot fat

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  • im sorry but i can't hardly understand a word he's saying, talking to fast or not opening his mouth all the way or just trying to talk too fast.

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