How To Build Muscle With Intermittent Fasting (Bulking Using IF, Macros, Foods)

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In this video you’ll learn how to bulk on an intermittent fasting diet. And you’ll find out how to setup macros, examples of foods to eat and the most common pitfalls guys get into when they try to gain muscle using IF.

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Key points:

There’s many different ways to do Intermittent fasting, the one I’m referring to the in the video is one of the most popular ones in the fitness scene.

And that is the Leangains method 16 hour fast with and 8 hour eating window.

Intermittent fasting has a lot of benefits and it’s great for when we’re in a caloric deficit.

Bigger meals, and eating 1-2 times a day helps regulate satiety.

But this approach can be a problem when you’re training to gain muscle since our body will require a caloric surplus.

i.e. Some guys might require 4000-4500 kcal / day to be able to gain muscle and with Intermittent fasting all of this would have to be consumed within 8 hours and that’s what makes it difficult.

General recommendations for a “bulk”:
– Look at your training age and use that to determine how much weight you should be gaining
– Most people aim to gain too much weight and end up gaining a lot of fat.
– There’s no real “Bulk” unless you’re a very skinny guy with no lifting experience.
– If you’re skinny fat or come back from break with a higher body fat % it’s probably a good idea to aim for a fat loss intake. (It’s also psychologically more rewarding, you’ll see results faster)
– For experienced lifters it’s gonna come down to gaining 0.5 – 1.5% of BW per month (lower as you’re more experienced)
– Protein doesn’t need to go higher than 1g / lbs of LBM.
– Carbs don’t need to go too high if you’re not doing any endurance work. In that range of 3-5 g / lbs of BW will be enough for most people to sustain good performance in the gym. The reason why we don’t have too high carbs is because it gets really hard to eat that much within 8 hours.

On a standard diet with 3-4 meals this is less of an issue and a person can go a lot higher on carbs if that’s more sustainable for them.

So when you determine your intake now it’s time to get a solid strategy how to fit all those calories within 8 hours.

– Get 30-35% of your calories from fat. 1 gram of fat has 9 calories making it the ideal macro to help you get more calories with less volume.
– Switch higher volume / low calorie foods for lower volume / high caloric density foods.
– For protein sources instead of lean chicken / turkey / fish go for more fattier sources like beef, pork, chicken legs, or fatty fish such as salmon. And you can also add some delicious full fat cheese
– For fat sources nuts, sets, olive oil (cooking + salad dressing + adding everything), avocados, peanut butter, hazelnut butter or almond butter work great.
– When you’re doing your salad to get fiber focus on avocados, and don’t overdo green lettuce and things like cucumbers that add a lot of volume to your diet.
– You can get your fiber from oats, seeds and fruits which offer higher calories for less amounts so you won’t be feeling as full as if you have a lot of salad.
– Additionally a good idea is to have a blender in your home so you can blend food and make it a lot easier to consume.
– Adding chocolate to your diet to every meal will make it awesome and 100g of chocolate is about 500 kcal which makes your calorie goal easier to reach.

Bottom line is: Hack your food to include a bit less volume but more calories and focus on a higher fat diet.

Intermittent fasting is definitely not the easiest way to bulk, with this video I just wanted to show you guys how it’s possible to do it.

For most people the standard 3-4 meals a day and spreading protein around the day will be a much better approach than IF.

– Mario

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  • I love your videos man You seem a very nice guy and your content has beeb helpful,thanks!

  • what do you think of coffee on an empty stomach when doing IF. I'm skeptical,i read an article saying it can mess with your serotonin levels,bad for your adrenal health etc. Also bad for the stomach, and then there's that bulletproof coffee thing and keto diets which I don't feel safe going into without some nutritionist's advice. i have suspected in the past that I may have adrenal fatigue although I don't know if that's even a thing and that fasting may not be for me and I also feel kind of foggy during my eating window.

  • when eating around the clock I don't have these issues but then i miss the stubborn fat loss effects of training fasted etc. also do you think that if it's freshly ground organic coffee the empty stomach problem is solved? what about guarana,caffeine pills? thanks in advance for any info you may provide.Greetings from Greece!

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  • Bulk on IF is amazing.. I'm on 20-4 most of the time going up to 5 hours eating window but I prefer smaller eating window like 3 or 4 hours a day cause I'm a big eater, I can pretty much down 3k calories like it's nothing without getting my stomack about to explode so less is better for me.. and I can eat bunch of crap if I want too and still get macros on pretty much 3200-3500 kcal a day packed in 4 hours a day is a dream for IIFYM kind of guy.. It's like a too good to be true story.. I actually break my fast with 50g of whey and a bag of candies pretty often.. yes I should eat healthy and I always keep telling that to people but my sweet tooth is pretty crazy considering the reactions I get from people when I'm cheating on chocolate or something like that.. 😀 I keep my other meals sugar free though, candies are just post workout thing.. I do eat a lot of protein pancakes and other stuff made with PB, oats, bananas, sometimes honey.. Like I said, for iifym guy IF is great.. you still can't eat 10 big macs if you wanna look good but you get the point. 😀

  • Can i eat too much fat while on IF?

  • I sure wish I could do a bulk. It sure sounds like fun. This video depresses me. 🙁

  • Great topic. i have been doing IF for a few months and have seen great results as far as far as getting cut. However, i dont want to lose any more weight or go back to the tedious work of preparing 6 meals a day so eating healthy fats instead of junk to fill the calorie deficit is something i will try

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  • ive been intermittent fasting for 7 days now.
    ive been told itd harder for a women.

    i fast always 16hrs or more
    i feel great, i eat 8 hours.
    i sleep well
    i drink alot of water
    i write down my calories- just because i like to.

    i eat alot of veg.

    etc etc

    im not loosing weight at all, i havent lost i havent gained. stayed the same.

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    but calories wise i dont always make it. some times its 980-1200-1800.
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