How to build muscle and lose fat at the same time

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In this podcast I talk about who can and can’t build muscle and lose fat simultaneously and how to do it and some of my big business lessons I’ve learned over the last couple of years (32:16).


“Muscle Memory” is Real and Here’s How It Works:

The Definitive Guide to Effective Meal Planning:

Acute energy deprivation affects skeletal muscle protein synthesis:

The Definitive Guide to Why Low-Carb Dieting Sucks:

How Training Frequency Can Help or Hurt Your Muscle Growth:

The Definitive Guide on How to Build a Workout Routine:

Which Form of Creatine is Most Effective?

How to Take Workout Supplements for Maximum Results:

The Steve Martin Method of Achieving Your Goals:

Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow:






  • I'm sorry, it's now round 18:27 on the podcast, and I am losing the will to live. He drones so much that you lose the thread of what he was talking about. He currently bragging about his high testosterone and something about his personal carbohydrate sensitivity. Who cares for a full history on his research. This is not a scientific academic piece. We just need to know what is fact or fiction, what works in terms of food and training, and what is myth, and then possibly back it up with academic research in order to reinforce his points. At the moment there is no fucking way I am rewinding the tape to listen to this bore again.

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  • I just started using your program and really enjoying it. I changed my diet back in February and began a program on bodybuilder that worked well for me. But I started your program four weeks ago and I have continued to increase in strength. I use a Fitbit to track my calorie intake and expenditure, also to track body fat percentage. I have been maintaining 140-149 lbs of lean muscle but the fat percentage continues to drop. My BMI dropped to 29.6 , I'm finally just I was 5' 6" 218 lbs in February and now I'm 183 and shooting for 168. That should put me in the neighborhood of 10%. But I wanted to thank you for sharing your program.

  • Can anyone help me, I am trying to loose fat and gain muscle, I am at about 15-17 % bf and around 155lbs, I am in a 25% caloric deficit, I workout 5 days a week with about 3-4 20 min cardio sessions but my weight is more or less staying the same… Is this because I am gaining muscle and loosing fat simultaneously? It is very hard to manage my progress :/

  • Make is simple and be more direct! You speak like you know, but you don't realize I DON'T. Use terms I can understand. I watched 7 min of this and ended it. Watching an hour and twelve plus minutes was NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. I don't need to be confused as well as bored.

  • Excellent video and links!!

  • Re the comments about the length of the video or that people don't have time…some people learn better and will remember facts more if they are presented repeatedly in different ways. As for time, I listen to podcasts when I'm cleaning, cooking, on my way to and from work, at lunch, while I'm working out…

  • loll….. how this guy looks i got more muscle of 8 months of training than him…. talks about drugs and overtraining…. ahhaahha

  • Great info. You sound trustworthy

  • boring

  • I am 134 pounds and around 13% BF ive been working out for 6 moths now im trying to figure out my food, right now im on a caloric deficit because i want to lose some fat so i can get my abs to show and get more definition im eating around 1600-1700 calories per day on a 40% protein 30% fat 30%cabrs aprox i want to build at least 10 pounds of muscle but stay within 8%-9% BF so i dont know if i should be bulikng or cutting i kinda want to build muscle without gaining fat ive seen some results for now but i feel like my weight fluctuates between 134 and 139 im ectomoph and i feel like i have a hard time building muscle (hard-gain)

  • "I have a gene that allows me to produce higher levels of testosterone, but i haven't been blood tested, so i don't know where my testosterone is…but that makes sense….."


  • I'm sorry this vid is too long.

    But I'm getting the feel you dont touch the subject of positive nitrogen balance? So what's your take on that? If you maintain positive nitrogen balance with sufficient protein and rest, and keep yourself in caloric deficit, some say you can lose fat and build muscle.

  • save yourself from him listing his life accomplishments for some reasons and go to 2:00 for the beginning that aligns with the title

  • Great video. I agree with all he's saying. I have lost fat while getting stronger and putting on muscle simultaneously. The leaner I get the harder it gets though.

  • Holy shit, can someone who actually took the HOUR AND TWELVE MINUTES to watch this video provide a reader's digest version of the main takeaways?

  • Hello Mike, I read both your book "Bigger, Leaner & Stronger" and listened to your podcast. Unfortunately, I remain confused regarding the notion of building muscle and losing fat. I am currently overweight and as everyone looking to both build muscle and lose fat. What should I do first? Only cardio + calorie deficit then bulk vs weights/Cardio + calorie deficit? Thanks!

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  • 1 hr? Ill pass. Next video

  • hi, where did you do the genetic test?