How To Build Muscle And Burn Fat WITHOUT Counting Calories (Big Brandon Carter)

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How To Build Muscle And Burn Fat WITHOUT Counting Calories (Big Brandon Carter)

  • give some food which can burn fat in India

  • roids?

  • This Weight Loss Green Store Tea product tastes good and has helped with suppressing my appetite .

  • I'm 10 and I'm trying to lose weight please help me

  • YEAH BABY!! I don't count calories neither, I know what's right and what's wrong to eat. I do a portion control method…I went from a dinner plate to a saucer. What fits on a saucer is it…no more.

  • I don't weigh my shit out, and I don't put my shit in fucking containers…
    I DO weigh my FOOD out, and I DO put my FOOD in NICE containers!

  • Is he natural?

  • This is an irrespinsible video; he claerly uses stereoids, which is absolutely bad for ur health. We will see how this bodybuilders will suffer from kidney failure in the future.

  • same with boxers. They have to count calories in a way, it was a bitch.

  • donwload this simple calorie tracker to track your daily calorie intake very easy to use

  • This guy is jabbing steads up his arse every half an hour.

  • Yo dude do you still recommend most of us regular dudes like me using this portion size method? Anyone recommends this?

  • if i want to lose belly fat, cut up should I eat more protein, carbs and veg or just protein and veg?

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  • He got so much muscle he can't open his eyes😂😂😂

  • Good video, but wish you wouldn't swear so much. A lot of young people starting out would probably find this useful….

  • you are fucking bitch

  • you are so hot. holy shit

  • dont count daily calories count mg of tren instead!

  • keep it up

  • Damn, you need a bra brah.

  • Don't shoot the MUUFUCKIN MESSANGER 😂

  • where you learn how to speak? Prison?

  • LOVE this info

  • My friend had dropped an insane amount of weight so naturally I was curious. When mention of a diet was brought up I immediately went straight to google checking into this “sowo amazing plan” diet plan. After I listened to their tips, I lost 10 and a half pounds.

  • So slightly estimating when you count calories isn't exact but using your hand to measure is? I'm willing to bet using MyFitnessPal would be a just little more correct than hand sized portions. But you are definitely right though; If you want to be exact then you need to meal prep.

  • Anyone looking for an successful weight loss plan must Google “lyly amazing guide. ” Our sister shed 15 pounds on this diet plan and I’ve already burned off some 14 lbs and I’ve just began. Read all about it on Google.

  • wish you did not use bad words… can watch your videos around children

  • i was in hella good shape almost like this guy but smoked heroin and meth for 3 years sober now did i fuck my body up cus its harder to get in shape

  • I guess that was herasay

  • Lovely Video! Sorry for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you researched – Dinanlinson Muscle Rebuilt Approach (google it)? It is a smashing one off guide for learning a fat loss and muscle building diet that works well minus the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my m8 after many years got cool success with it.

  • What a waste of 6mins. Less posing and some in depth info if u wud pls

  • this is genetic bro , im jacked like a monster but i do nothing

  • Brandon should be free I look up to him and I always wanted to be like him

  • i count calories because i'm really sedentary, i also have slow metabolism compare to you man…

  • Thanks for putting this stuff out there man.

  • showing too musch

  • Should one add cardio to this method?

  • Big Brandon Carter… the man with tiny lats.

  • This video would be so much better if he wasn't so vulgar! Makes him sound less intelligent

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  • How much fat do you recommend ?