How Much Protein Do You Need Per Day? | Health and Fitness Tips | Guru Mann

Guru Mann explains: How Much Protein Do You Need Per Day? ‘ in this Health and Fitness Tips video.


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  • Sir egg, milk , potato, banana kaise khana hai or konse samay khana hai pura bato… And rat ko milk pine se koi side effect nahi hai na

  • Sir maine bahut logo ko pucha par wo mere ko accha nahi laga , isliye app muze diet plan bhejo

  • Hindi bhulgaya kya guru

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  • Sir hindi language ka use jyada kiya karo.

  • Sir u should multiply 180 by .5.

  • ireally dnt understand. his english.. so fast WTF

  • What if we take more than required amount??

  • Sir i need to know what nutrients do i need a day… i workout 6 days in a week

  • Many people here are commenting on his accent and mathematics knowledge.. atleast guru is imparting so much knowledge to all of us which other gym trainers won't tell you even 10% .. so instead of looking on the few flaws the least that could be done is thank guru for his works..

    PS- If accents and mathematics is your problem youre at the wrong end of YouTube try 9gag instead

  • 5lb protein kitne din chalega ?

  • .80 gram per pound

  • 180 ×0.5=90

  • Sir maine abhi gym start kiya h toh mei diet me kya lu Mera body weight 70kg or mere stomach pr fat h??

  • Sir Body Massage par thoda btaye…. compulsary h ya nhi… or h to kitna ?

  • Bhai hindi se English kyu? Apdi samjh na aaye hai

  • Guru mann sir your hair looks soo cool

  • seen my first ever video of guru mann in full english

  • If you translate his words they sound like

  • Sir kia hum dry fruits say protein powder bana sakty hein is topic pe video banay please

  • Fake accent but real info

  • Do we have to conduct LFT,RFT, CREATININE, LIMPHID sort of tests before starting protein intake (even moderate? 💯-125 gm)

  • thanku boos for every tips love u

  • im 60kg/132pound… i do workout n now stuck at 13" arms…
    how much protein intake should i take?

  • im 60kg/132pound… i do workout n now stuck at 13" arms…
    how much protein intake should i take?

  • im 60kg/132pound… i do workout n now stuck at 13" arms…
    how much protein intake should i take?

  • Thnx

  • great thx

  • sale aadho ne to accent me phd kr rkhi h… teacher hi bn re h saare.

  • That accent 😂

  • Is Herbalife good product for nutrition or weight loss????

  • To all DUDES who are saying his accent is fake..i know my explanation doesn't matter but if you go to some other country and you didn't speak much English at your home country, this change(i would rather say change not fake accent) is common. Example: if in India somebody says Yours as Yurrs then in some countries it's rather Yooorss that know what I mean right. So take your asses somewhere else. 😉

  • Sir i hv a qstn..if my protein intake should be 180 grams then can i count protein from carb sources like oats,rice etc in it? Or 180 grams of high quality protein???

  • does protein affect heart health ?

  • It is very helpful for me.

  • Thanku sir

  • SIR,I WANT TO KNOW…workout ke waqt body muscles fuli hui hoti hai,but gym se nikal ne ke bad body normal ho jati hai…ye sa kyuu??

  • very informative video sir.. I m a Bodybuilder​ compete in 70kg and eat 400 GM chicken , 2scoops whey isolate and 12 eggs every day through the year..I heard from someone that using so much protein all the year Will damage my he suggest me to get off protein from supplement and chicken for one month and to use only 8 eggs and carbs after Bodybuilding competition..
    is it a myth or its true..Plzz help me with this..

  • Please stop that fake accent 😠

  • Good accent

  • Good knowledge

  • Accent 😂😂😂

  • all those haters of guru maan in comment section … tumhari ma* bh*sd* ben k l*d0 . tumhare baap ki monthly salary bhi nhi hougi jitna guru maan sir apna monthly diet cost hai . tumhare baap ki aukaat me dhuudh mill jayee daily bis vhi bohot hai . he is a health nutritionist . he is providing the facts for free which u cannot even get from the doctor perfectly . kya ho gya zara si galti ho gyee tou . and no fake accents l#ud bhddhiyo English pronouce different tarike se bhi ki jaati hai American and French etc .

  • Fake accent

  • Nyc bhai

  • Bro, I love your videos.

  • What about rule 1 protein its good or bad

  • Bhosadpappu saale fake accent 😂😂

  • After days of research now I know that I have been wasting my meal throughout my life

  • Hello sir my weight 100 kg or ma gym karta hu mujhe Kitna protein Lena hoga