How Does Protein Build Muscle?


For those striving to build muscle gains, protein is essential. While this is obvious to many athletes and gym-goers, the biological and chemical processes between drinking a protein shake and getting “swole” may not be so clear–but we got you covered!

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Elaine Seward

Elaine Seward

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  • my question is: why is there a need to be in a "caloric surplus"? in other terms what happens if u eat enough protein (and workout f crse) and don't eat more calories than you burn ?

  • Hi I'm just starting to work out and I was wondering if you have to eat/drink the shake before or after exercising. I know to some this might be obvious but I'm just another lanky kid trying to not get bullied by it any more thanks lol

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  • I'm naturally buff, and was wondering if WHEY can help me loose weigth, I'm already going to the gym but have never tried protein powder

  • Any medicine or powder is there to grow a Wight and muscle bicep


  • 1.8×bodyweight boom that's how much protein u need in a day but depends on your sport!

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  • I eat 4 bananas 2 glasses of milk and some almonds is that a good evening snack?

  • @Richard click it, hope it helps!

  • Is there any side effects on body?
    Due to take it and is there is age limit for it

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  • Im like to play it safe and eat 1 chicken breast/ pound of bodyweight

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  • there's also protein powder from plants and all kinds of ways to build up with solely vegan or vegetarian life styles. it depends on your personal goals and lifestyles.

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