How Carbs Help Build Muscle Mass

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Putting A Fork In Fad Diets (Article):

  • hey alain how many carbs should u have after heavy compound movment training thanx

    I am 6 FOOT OR 6 FOOT 1
    I'm 172-175lbs AND IM 18. I'm at 14 OR 15% BODYFAT.
    I HAVE BEEN CUTTING and going to the gym very often and doing cardio FOR over 4 months MONTHS AND I couldnt LOSE MORE WEIGHT UNLESS I did even more HIIT HARDCORE CARDIO AND LOW CALORIE WITH WEIGHT TRAINING. I became skinny fat from HIIT and weight training. Losing fat was GONNA BE SO HARD SINCE MY BODY got USED TO IT and started burning my muscle.
    MY TRAINER SAID TO EAT 300gs of CARBS A DAY FOR 2 WEEKS because I don't have enough muscle to cut down from 170lbs and have a lean physique. He said I'd just look scrawny and flat if I cut down to 150-155. I've already done this 2 week high carb phase and now he wants me to do this high carb phase until i get up to 190+ lbs like you did in your transformation video. That way I can build muscle mass and then cut when I have some mass to work with. SHOULD I DO THIS?
    Keep in mind I was 162lbs just 3 weeks ago and I started at 230lbs back in August 2014

  • I think you need a bigger watch….

  • Great video thank you.

  • I have this problem that alot of muscle building food gives me acne.. diary grains rice etc

  • There's a lot of static in your last 2 videos.  You might want to look into that.

  • looks like u got 16'' biceps

  • Anyone tried the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I have heard several great things about it and my work buddy lost crazy amounts of weight with it.

  • thank you bro this helps me a lot I am trying to get back into weight lifting and I wasn't sure about the carbs thank you for the info.