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1 cup water (240 mL)
1 cup Greek yogurt (130 g)
1 cup frozen strawberries (140 g)
1 tbsp. peanut butter (15 g)
2 tbsp. baking cocoa (10 g)
1 tbsp. sweetener

295 calories
9g fat
32g carbs
29g protein

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  • Does it really help you cause i dont like the taste and i am still drinking it with a little hope

  • will it help for muscle building for women cuz I love bodybuilding I'm trying to build muscles

  • hi, i dont know how to ask ..coz i m not from ur country ..but ..will this shake help a super skinny guy like me to gain weight…i m just tired being skinny and want to do anything to gain…but not at a cost of my life…please help..

  • This is pretty nifty! I have been trying to figure out a way to make protein shakes without buying powders or supplements. This really helps!

  • guys pls help …….how to make protein powder at home without any fat or to aid you to get rid of fat accumulations

  • Does this build muscle

  • My mom thinks protein powder can kill you…….

  • Can I use condensed milk

  • too much sugar

  • Thnx life saver Dad won't let me buy protein powder cuz I'm 12 not even whey


  • Ok u know how there's cereal with fruits in it and stuff? Like cheerios with strawberries?

    Now think of Reece's Puffs…with Strawberry's…nasty right?

    Well this is the liquid version..🤢

  • oh my God, dude you're right. My mom won't let me buy protein shakes HAHAHAHA

  • Lol my mom won't let me but it I'm 12 and trying to get fit

  • Any alternative for peanut butter due to allergies

  • can i replace water with soy milk?

  • Great video thank you!

  • i wanna try this with protein powder. make dem gains breh

  • Wow, I guess you could add egg whites too huh?

  • so basically it's Greek yoghurt instead of protein powder……. jerk

  • Hey Bro can we use something else instead of strawberry and sweetners something else
    Over all good video I like it

  • Should i use stevia ?

  • how many tablespoon is 1 cup of greek yogurt?

  • Can I use frozen blueberry's

  • my mom won't buy me protein powder. lmao

  • Dont drink so much protein shake , it might will make you heath attack

  • Did you put all yogurt??

  • Ice cubes i have ice cubes

  • I would highly recommend you don’t use sweetener but real sugar but do whatever you want

  • every video has yogurt or peanut butter

  • you are right .. peanut butter has 25 % protein in each 100 grams .. and yogurt about the same