Homemade Buttery Biscuits (Low Carb Recipe)

Biscuits, who doesn’t love them especially when they’re homemade! But when you’re on a low carb diet or living a low carb lifestyle biscuits are normally off limits. Not anymore, in this cooking video I show you how to make biscuits that are delicious with only 1.5 carbs each!

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Tune in every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for new cooking videos!

“Broken Reality” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

  • Good tip, freeze your stick of butter for a few minutes, then grate the butter, this produces the perfect size of butter bits for making biscuits!!!

  • Oh my, they look so delicious cannot wait to cook some of those. I'm a new starter on LCHF, lost 4lbs in 5 days. So I am anxious to try new things, thanks for the recipe.

  • Had to come back & tell you that I have just made these, I've already eaten 2 of them whilst they were cooling, oh my they are the most delicious thing I've eaten for a while as I'm not eating bread. Thanks for the recipe, well worth cooking.

  • I'm definitely making these tomorrow!

  • I did it with my fingers and it was fine. Thanks for posting. We call those scones 🙂

  • Is almond flour what we could call ground almonds but maybe just a little more fine?

  • can we see your weight loss results

  • fam loved the biscuits! thanx for the recipe

  • Damn! I am sitting here with my mouth just watering like crazy! I definitely see these along with sausage and gravy!💕

  • are they biscut like or cakey?

  • Are you sure it's not baking powder instead of baking soda?

  • Wondering why you chose to use baking soda instead instead of baking powder. Am I missing something.

  • Awesome..😉😉

  • Baking powder is to give rise. Baking soda is usually used with buttermilk, acid. They are not the same. Was trying to help you out as you said you don't bake so often.

  • I can't wait to try your biscuits. They sound yummy and easy to bake. Thank you for sharing.

  • I made these to use for breakfast sandwiches and they were delicious. So nice and fluffy like biscuits should be. Thank you!

  • Just made these, awesome thanks for sharing.

  • I like that these actually look like biscuits. Gonna give them a try for sure.

  • how did I never know you have so many low carb recipes? I started keto a month ago and am feeling freaking great and down 15 lbs! thanks for these recipes, the tuna melt has me drooling!!

  • Should do a video on low carb pork chops using ground pork rinds…its true low carb and probably taste better than almond flour.

  • great vids, I like the recipes and different techniques and information, thank you!

  • what if I do not have a hand mixer for the eggs?

  • Low carb but ads fat..

  • Hey, just a suggestion from when I used to make normal biscuits…
    Try grating frozen butter instead of the little cubes. Makes a ton of difference!
    Huge texture difference.

  • Looks great. Loved that Big chunk of butter. I'm going to try this one.

  • Love, LOVE, LOVE!

  • this man gives no measurements of anything!! hes crazy

  • I'm watching and thinking of the herbs you could add to make them a little different now and then. I wonder if you could add cheese too or would that change the consistency?

  • yes, I'm on low carb too, happy to c I can have some faux biscuits!

  • Perfect.

  • Wow, thank you for this recipe. I will be making these soon!!