High Reps Vs Low Reps For Building MUSCLE MASS (Big Brandon Carter)

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  • Hey Brandon, I'm a skinny guy and which rep range do you recommend for building a lot of size?

  • Brandon, are you sure you're not really a white guy and that hissing is a spray tan machine? haha

    Seriously though, you're an inspiration, man. Watch all your vids. Very funny and informative.

  • Great vid, subbed!

    How long would you say is a good length of time to measure before making judgements?

    After 2 years of 8-12's bulk/cut made good gains and dropped to around 10% (chiseled up top but still only a 2 pack), then i'd stayed the same for around 6 months so switched up to 5×5. Did 5×5 for 3 months but really wasn't feeling it, maintained strength, lost a little fat but lost size proportionally too, felt like 3 months was a good enough time to judge.

    Just switched up to high reps and need to figure how to make that next step forward. Loving high rep workouts, feels good, just concerned that if this doesn't help me progress or if it doesn't maintain like the 8-12's did, i'm back to 8-12's which had stopped working in the first place

  • So right everybody is diffrent …Brandon you are king !!!

  • Very good video!

  • Hey Mr. Carter how do you feel about 4×15,12,10,8?

  • Low reps do nothin for me. Tho i definately agree about them compounds putting on a foundation tho

  • The game

  • Low reps, high reps, do whateva dafuk you wanna do!!!

  • maaan, you have that clean skin that bitches love because hgh increased of IF?

  • Anyone else saw his Robert kiyosaki investing book and how to make friends and influence people. This guy is reading some solid stuff.

  • It's funny as hell how right in the middle of a thought you come out and say "there's some hissing" 😂

  • are you natural?

  • Someone like Kali Muscle (cough… someone on the juice), gets big on high reps.

  • hy Brandon I have a question is it possible to maintain miscle if you Sprint

  • u got a point Brandon! some ppm need more reps than others! some ppl always do heavy! some always do light! some do heavy 1 week and light another! and some do heavy 2 weeks and light 2 weeks!

  • and it's true different things work 4 different ppl!

  • Funny guy. Thumbs up for info..!💪🏾🤔

  • 15-25reps are perfect for me

  • Politically correct advise~ boringgg~ own up some shit and have some personality and principles man~ state clearly what works for you coz thats why we watching your videos~ imitate success~

  • I found this to be the best advice on YouTube, on this subject!!!!!

  • Hahaha "douchebag like me " this dudes pretty funny

  • good info too

  • Rep range of not gaining much size but more like getting way stronger and demse????

  • this video proves that BBC is on steroids. Like, talking about kali muscle and Arnold. Are you fucking serious? Their rep ranges shouldnt even be disscussed. Why not talk about naturals who have achieved great physiques with different rep ranges?

  • I'm naturally a very skinny guy who has trouble putting on size(Mclovin body type). I tried high reps for almost an entire year and got minimal gains then I started lifting 4-9 reps and I gained size way faster than I did with high reps. Honestly I think it just depends on your body type

  • read a muddafuckin' book yo!

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  • These old school Brandon vids are amazing

  • Thank, Brandon! Great advice man. Simply read a book and apply it.

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  • Are you natural?

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  • 4-5 reps with the big 3 Heavy Compound lifts and
    6-8 reps with Mid-Range Compound lifts like Dumbbell Presses, Weighted Dips/Pull ups, Leg Presses, Barbell Curls, etc puts on the most size for me.

    Isolation lifts don't do much at all for me; maybe besides shoulder isolation moves.