High-Protein & Low-Carb Pancakes for Fat Loss & Muscle Gain – Bodybuilding Breakfast

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  • The thumbnail image for this video shows pancakes, but he just cooked eggs with protein powder in it.

  • Manually shakes for two minutes. Who was blender?

  • Can i eat this pancakes everyday and stay lean and keep lose fat ??

  • i tried this out, and honestly its not the best thing, the texture of the pancake is extremely chewy, feels like eating rubber. what would be better is just to use the 5 egg whites and create an egg white omelette, that would taste much better and use the protein powder and have that with water and drink it instead of mixing.

  • Not vegan & pus eggs, PAM? cancer pancakes! Eeeeek

  • Sorry

  • Sorry but this vid isn't true! There are two different kinds of protein powder one is for shake and the other is for COOKING! when people like this guy cooks the protein that should be shaked instead the hottnes kills the protein inside! Therefore you will not get the nutrition from the powder. Pls

  • M K


  • taste like shit

  • did u use any syrup

  • good explanation(click for more) banner was annoying

  • These are literally just eggs

  • How old are you Michael?

  • Hi, how many carbs are there per pancake ? thanks

  • so just eat eggs with a protein shake for breakfast?

  • Damn! He looks like Dylann Roof!

  • It looks more like an omelet, not a pancake.

  • I just tried this. I say we rename this dish to be called Rubber Turd-Cakes.

  • Data a shiny egg omelet fool

  • It looks good; but what kind of syrup, do you put on it?

  • Danng too easy to be true

  • Ron Weasley got YOKED

  • Try mine:

    195 calories
    9.8 carb
    6.5 fat
    25.7 protein (based off powder)

    1 large egg
    1 egg white
    Half scoop of protein
    1 tablespoon of brown rice flour/ any flour
    1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

    This is just the base, feel free to do whatever you want with this recipe 🙂