High Protein Low Carb Pancake Recipe with Victor Costa Vicsnatural

High-Protein Low Carb Pancake Recipe with Victor Costa Vicsnatural

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You are going to love these pancakes. Now, they might not taste like Aunt Jemima’s pancakes, but nevertheless, you are going to love them. These are nutritious and require no oil. This entire breakfast as prepared is only 380 calories, 20 .25 grams of protein and costs $1.37. And, It’s going to be the best thing you ate all week. This recipe makes 2 pancakes.
You will need:
Pam cooking spary
1 cup of quaker oats
1/2 cup of skim milk
1/4 cup of Egg Beaters
Simply mix all the ingredients in a blender for about 20 to 30 seconds. Then, spray your skillet with Pam cooking spray. Keep the flame on medium. When skillet is warm, add your healthy pancake batter onto the skillet. The batter won’t really spread out so you can design the size of your pancake just by pouring. As soon as you see bubbles at the top of the pancake, it is ready to flip. Then, flip. The bottom will cook a bit slower so , keep peeking under to make sure it is cooking through, but not burning.
The second always comes out better than the first. Never spray the cooking spray onto the skillet while flame is on( really dangerous). Make sure you prepare skillet by spraying cooking spray before flame is on. Wow, Safety and Muscle Tips.
Then, add a slice of banana to the top with some Polaner All Fruit Preserve. Yum.
Again, cost $1.37 for recipe as shown. 20.25grams of protein and 380 calories. If you like the pancakes, send me a note and watch my other videos as well. And, of course please subscribe.
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  • +vicsnatural , my kids don't like oats porridge just like me. Stumbled upon your recipe by looking for ways to get oats in my body without going though horrid experience of eating that porridge. Tried it last weekend. Awesome!!! Kids liked it just like my 'unhealthy' wheat flour pancakes. Thank you, Vic! Now a fan of your channel 🙂

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  • I do kind of the same thing, but i use unsweetened vanilla almond milk, whey protein powder and cottage cheese, oats, one whole egg. 


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  • throw a banana in there and call it a complete meal!

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    Informative and enthralling video!

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  • These are great. Just made a batch. Too easy. Threw some blueberries on top with a tablespoon of organic honey.

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  • just made these, they came out very dense not like my typical pancakes (i like mine more like an in-between a crepe and pancake), but regardless i liked the texture and flavour. good recipe, not low carb though.

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  • Hi Vic…I've watched a few of your videos and read your detailed recipe and cost footnotes (as an engineer, thank you!) So is this right…basically you have a choice to eat well very inexpensively (and build muscle) or you can eat junk very inexpensively (and store fat)? I was under the wrong impression that big muscles were very very expensive to build.