High Protein / Low Carb Diet

I talk about what happens to people who use fats and protein as a source of energy rather than that of carbohydrates.
The body enters a state of ketosis in which it breaks down protein as it’s main source of ‘fuel’ in replacement of that in which glucose did.

I break it down so easily that it makes you want to try this diet out.
Those who struggle with weight, try this for size!

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  • People fear it, if I were to say eat more fat people would think I'm delusional. Most of my life I've eaten high fat and believed it to be the right way and always been made fun of for it, i think the heart foundation makes it a scary topic to explain to people. The educated will know it's right but those who fail to understand true science will believe it; false. I'm going to be making more videos soon. I've got a better camera now and software for visuals; short, simple, easy to follow ones.

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  • Not quite, turning protein into energy, burns most of it and protein also fills you up better so you need to eat insane amounts to get high blood suger from it alone but ofc it adds up with carbs which fat doesn't.

  • Yes, as my reply to him below states over a month ago. I changed the title of this video from – 'Atkins Diet Explained' to this new name, Atkins focuses on high protein and fat but never stipulates how much fat is to be consumed. If a person is eating around 1-1.5 grams of protein per kg of body weight to retain muscle muss, that's a fair amount of calories, if it's increased it would most likely be used alongside fat as energy. A lot of people eat too many carbs, I'd prefer gluconeogenisis.

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  • This girl is right on. What a difference between her and that banana head girl, see the nut's video, low carb diets don't work. One thing this girl is wrong about, DR. Atkins said, you can use whipcream on diet desserts, make sure the carbs are low, such as diet jello, And REAL butter is okay, on a steak, (NO CARBS). Remember these things are for the overweight folks who have a carbohydrate intolerance, without compromising their health. First of all if you eliminate SUGAR you will be healthier.

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  • God. This is all Bullshit. Its all about Totalcallorie-Ballance.

    You can get fat on Protein, on Fat and on Carbs – IF you eat too much of them. Highcarb works, lowcarb works, ballanced Macros work. Just dont eat crap like processed food.

  • Atkins actually slipped on ice and hit his head. He died from severe head trauma.

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  • good advice but do more research on saturated fats it is trans fats that are bad also the high fat low carb diet has all the benefits of the Atkins diet but none of the bad side effects

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  • what happens when you start back eating carbs. do you gain all the weight back?

  • what should i do to reduce fat and gain muscle?
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  • For the record, Atkins diet changed my life, I lost my weight and kept it off. Gained muscle and lost fat. It's hard work, but has its rewards. Anyways I was so mesmerised by you talking I had to watch this video twice lol.

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  • So basically eliminate all processed carbohydrates like breads, muffins and bagels and just eat carbs like spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and other leafy green veggies. While eating lean chicken, eggs, and turkey. Sound good??

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