In this video fitness guru Nash Jocic is cooking for you his favourite high protein lunch. Made of perfect ingredients, this type of meals is simply perfect for ultimate fat loss and muscle growth. It contains around 50 grams of protein, 30-40 grams of carbs and 10 grams of healthy fat from olive oil. It also contains fibre that is essential for healthy digestive system.

  • Thanks, will let you know later about the seasoning.. Best, N

  • Is the normal potato also OK? Sweet potato its hard to find in Estonia.

  • Normal potato is different, it has much higher GI than sweet potato. The closest to sweet potato will be a pumpkin or butternut squash. Hope this will help. Best, Nash

  • Nice I'm gonna have to start making that. I'm trying to replace wheat bread with veggies.

  • I make that everyday and it really help me alot 😉

  • Nash what do you think about 5-6 meals a day? My BMR is 2450 so for fat loss I have to cut 500 calories and how about training? Its that another 500 calories? Is 1500 calories intake healthy?

  • So now my body fat % is 35 and want to reduce it down to 25, so what would you recommend? Weights lifting or cardio?

  • hi Nash. … is wheat bread that bad??

  • How about dinner?

  • Great video!
    One suggestion, don't use the youtube automatic stabilizer, the background looks like we are on some kind of drug lol

  • Great video.  Please, what was the seasoning called that you used for the chicken?  I did not quite hear the name when you said it other than that it is "chicken seasoning."  Please let us know when you can.   Thanks a million!  😀

  • thanks Nash. you've really helped me by showing the best breakfast and lunch meals to stay healthy. hope to get the dinner vid soon. cheers! 🙂

  • Hi Nash,
    I use Brown Rice and Chicken breast about 300 gms as Lunch for Dinner if using chicken I use less quantity say 175 to 200 gms of Chicken with Brocolli, Purple cabbage/lettuce, and Cucumber .

    Please let us know any variations that we can do in lunch or dinner that is using other protein sources 🙂
    Kunal 🙂

  • Nice watch

  • Specialist in sports nutrition certified awsome

  • Could you share hardy manly healthy breakfast!!!! Please 🙂

  • That looks good but I would cook chicken and onions separately. Use some cayenne pepper and other spices. Yum Yum!

  • Since when 450 grams of chicken has 50 grams of protein? Or did I hear him wrong?

  • Nash, thank to share this great video. I use coconut oil.