High Protein Low Carb Brownie Recipe

This is a delicious chocolate peanut butter muscle building brownie recipe that my friend shared with me and it is awesome! This is a great high protein treat that you have have on a fat loss diet or mass building program.

  • Now I just have to go to Sprouts or Trader Joe's to find the sugar free peanut butter!

  • It should specify for each recipe the serving size. But in this recipe I eat the whole thing 🙂

  • what brand whey are you using?

  • You can use any brand of whey, they will all work the same. In this video I'm just using a whey I got at Costco, I can't remember the brand name off the top of my head.

  • that looks pretty good and inventive. might give that a try eventually.

  • Sure, you can use vanilla protein powder instead.

  • I vary my protein powders all the time. I don't want to get board of drinking the same one over and over again. And to answer your question the protein I got at Costco uses Cross-Flow Microfiltration which is a low-temperature process to isolate the protein. So the guy at the supplement store was just trying to pull one over on you and get you to buy his particular brand of protein instead.

  • tried it a few times this past week – have some tips.
    1. do not cook it too much, leave it fudgy. if you make it to dry, it is soo hard to chew and swallow.
    2.enjoy while hot. the taste doesnt change but the texture is horrifying if you cool it. so eat as soon as you make it.
    3. adding the whip cream makes it so much better. also add sugar-free jam if you have it.
    4. add cocoa powder if you want a more choco taste.

  • Thanks for the tips 🙂

  • "Oh shit i got some on the cup" lol

  • "Oh shit i got some on the cup" lol awesome recipe bro!

  • i want the aroma coming through my computer, do you have that camera yet lee?

  • Just waiting on YouTube to come up with an ap that lets me upload the aroma LOL

  • What brand of natural butter do you use lee?

  • guys don't even try it without peanut butter T___T it's a disaster
    always use peanut butter

  • This one is the grocery store brand of natural peanut butter. I don't really have a favorite, just make sure it's 100% natural with only peanuts listed as the ingredients.

  • I wonder if this will work with the powdered kind. I order PB2 online as they don't sell it in stores, but I like the cocoa/peanut butter flavor of the one I get… i mix it in my whey protein shakes after my workouts, yum!

  • Try it and see…

  • potty mouth 2:40

    I'm so sick of "boneless skinless chicken breasts"!
    finally a protein i can enjoy (as long as i don't look at my kids "real" brownies with chocolate chips in them :>)

  • I dont think i made this right haha my brownie was dry and dull in flavour, i guess keep trying until its better , im guessing its not suppose to be dry and tastless?

  • Love it!

  • tastes like shit.
    with all do respect.

  • i tried this  and altho im sure something went wrong .. somehow.. I followed his plan and mine came out like a nerf football in a mug and tasted a lot like foam might have .. 🙁

  • i tried this with vanilla flavored whey isolate, does not mix very well and tasted so bland 🙁 when i did it with normal whey chocolate tasted much better