High Protein & Low Carb Bodybuilding Meal (Chicken Salad)

Looking for a quick & easy meal idea? Try this chicken salad.

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When it comes to successfully sticking to your bodybuilding nutrition plan, it helps to have some quick and healthy meal options ready to go in a moments notice… Think of it as “Bodybuilding Fast Food”.

One of my favorite go to meals is a garden salad with chicken breast. Now of course you could make your own garden salad, wash and chop the veggies, mix them up, cook the chicken, chop it up, mix it all together, etc.

But there is a “short-cut” that you can take to prepare the same meal in literally 2 minutes flat.

Most grocery stores will sell pre-made fresh garden salads, and you can get cans of pre-cooked chicken breast. Simply mix up the salad with a can of chicken and you have an instant high protein, low carb, high nutrient bodybuilding meal.

The chicken and salad by itself would be an ideal low carb fat loss meal. Or you could have it with a side of rice, pasta, potatoes, etc. for a healthy high protein & high carb “bulking meal”.

  • Me?

  • Where can I find this chicken in a can? And specifically where in the store?

  • in my country we have to kill our own chickens

  • It's funny I've always steered clear of the "canned" meat because of the sodium but like you said if you sweat a bunch which I do then you'll need to replace the sodium you'll loose. I mean it's convenient those cans of meet that could potentially help you get your protein in much easier and over all better then the alternative which for me would be a hamburger or something along those lines from a fast food joint.

  • ive seen those cans of chicken at the store, i like the canned tuna better because its cheaper, and ya i love sodium, all of my fav foods like pasta sauce, beans, tuna, so ive been using a salt replacement for foods that need a little kick , its called NU SALT
    but i still get a shit ton of salt, and ya i like fat free ranch but it has .300mg of sodium per serving

  • Have you ever used steroids Lee?

  • Can't go wrong with that

  • Good way to get a high amount of protein in.

  • Hey Lee i strech everyday 40min atleast and still got knee inflamation from before and now my forarms/wrists are extremly tight  i have no idea why, tho i been doing very heavy volume.

  • Salads really do help in a cut. Keeps you full

  • Instead of adding salt, add some green olives for more health benefits.

  • Hi Lee i need help im 15 and im 155 lbs. I need to lose as many lbs as possible in 3 weeks. I workout but do not lose weight what should i do i have 2 pairs of dumbells weights 30lbs. Need Help. Any workout plans for me?

  • Nice video Lee the only thing I would add for those who might be cutting or watching there calories is I would go with a Fat Free Ranch dressing instead of light .There is a big difference in the calories .

  • that is so true train hard sweat hard

  • Hi Lee, I enjoy your content and hope you carry on making great videos. I just wanted to ask, what do you feel about vegan bodybuilding? There have been studies showing a large correlation between high protein (esp. animal protein) diets and cancer rates. I've transitioned to vegan and feel great. What are your thoughts? Cheers 🙂

  • I like my food like I like my women..Quick, easy, lean and healthy

  • Great Salad.

  • so long as your not salt sensitive salt wont effect your blood pressure.

  • this is very cool.