High Fat Low Carb Results

Http://www.melissamadeonline.com 3 months in to a HFLC Lifestyle…these are my blood work results.

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  • I lost 140 lbs lchf

  • Hi Melissa! Hw do you know how many carbs are ok or not ok for you? I am new to this way of eating and just started tracking my macros.

  • Some vitamins and supplements aren't for every body but I can honestly say that these worked for me. A group of friendsand I saw them on a television program that they claimed worked so well for every body. In disbelief of this WeightLoss GreenStore Tea product actually working my group and I tried them. Between the 12 of us we lost almost 100 lbs in 6 months… Nothing too drastic and ate our normal food items. A must try!

  • Just wondering if your still doing shakeology? I do shakeology and wonder if I should give up the shakeology. Would love to know your opinion

  • I just ended 22 months high carb vegan. Body comp was pretty good but after 8 days in ketosis I was cutting like crazy. I do it in conjunction with intermittent fasting. I love not feeling hungry all the time anymore.

  • Been on the keto diet for three months. Dropped two pants size hair grows like crazy and so do nails. I sleep good at night and wake up with the sun. No more headaches and less anxiety. Humans r supposed to eat this way. Sugar is bad for the body. Also this lifestyle balanced my hormones.

  • It's uncanny how much you look like Sandra Bullock! Good video btw

  • Do you sell Produkte

  • sounds like vegan was more risky

  • Hi, can you stop giving the public wrong advice. I'm tired of ppl logging on youtube and giving unhealthy lifestyle advice. it's dangerous. you are not qualified to give any medically related advice on diet

  • That is all great information thanks for sharing!! Ignore the nathsayers!! Like him below!! 🤗🤗👍

  • thumbs up for you gorgeous

  • Been on it 2 wks…LOVE IT! This is my life-saving new lifestyle! Thanks for the helpful info. You're a great testimony! Beautiful, healthy & articulate.

  • Melissa, congrats on the weight loss and continued great health! You look fantastic! Just curious hoe low carb were you? Under 100 gr/day or lower? Al did you have your estrogen checked as well? I've heard from others that it stabilizes on this life style…

  • thank you for the numbers. did you go cold turkey increasing the fat to 75% or gradually? did you experience keto flu? I tried it and the palpitations and discomfort was so great that I couldn't go on and went back to my aprox 50/30/20

  • I like your video! Filled with actual evidence, comparison and contrast, and absent of too much bias. Thanks!

  • Good work citizen.

  • Yes . I did bring that up several times . Perhaps because raise our triglycerides level and high of fructose that can make you gain weight . Correct me if I am wrong

  • Therefore keto isn't good for intensive workouts like marathon runners or even sprinters . Keto almost have zero carbs . Whole food plant based isn't completely opposite of ketosis . People think whole grains cause health problems including weight gain . the short answer is no .if you overeat of any type of food . Whether in plant or ketosis it's possible to gain weight .

  • That made sense . What about others starch vegetables are they raise blood sugar ?

  • Thank you for being so honest and straight-forward in this video and thank you for sharing this with us. More people need to hear this life-changing info!!

  • Why suck . Have you tried vegan diet before

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • you remind me of India summers.

  • Sure

  • Thank you so much for sharing this vital information to those that are interest in this lifestyle! Stats tell the whole truth….. I really, really appreciate your time Melissa!!!! Best of luck on your health quest!

  • Triglycerides are NOT what we monitor for heart disease alone. In fact, your LDL AND the particle size are much more important. Please do your research or talk to a lipid-specialist before making statements. There are multiple good resources you can use, probably even your own physician can help you understand.