High Fat Low Carb Diet Performance Debunked


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What’s up guys, I hate bad information and love making fun of shitty info on the internet. However I also love answering questions relating to health and fitness also. So send me questions and I’ll try and make a video about it.

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  • Nice vid.

    Think about what most people mean when they talk about carbohydrates…they're referring to processed foods that are combination of extremely processed grains mixed with sugar, fat or both. They're hardly ever talking about plain whole food carbs.

    And when they are talking about whole food carbs, I'm almost positive that whole food carb has some animal fat with it (i.e. potatoes with butter and sour cream, or rice with butter).

  • It's not really 'natural' to work out for more than 2 hours anyway. It is fun :), but in the wild we wouldn't have to burn through our glycogen like that. we would exercise, get fed up, sit down on the ground, have some sex, eat food, sleep, repeat.
     so saying you need to be keto-adapted so maybe you could try and run for hours on end without food is stupid and not healthy. and like you said, the pros are not doing it. if it worked better….

  • Their argument that you need to eat a high fat diet to become fat adapted is bs. If you train properly for ironman ie doing long miles at an aerobic pace then your body will become fat adapted without restricting carbohydrates. You will be able to maintain a faster pace while still being in the aerobic zone, still burning mostly fat as fuel. This is the best state to be in for endurance performance because you have the best of both worlds. You will burn mostly fat for most of the race, but you will have the glycogen when you need it for various key points in the race where you may need to pick it up a notch verging on an anaerobic effort.   

  • You can actually see in the shot where he is holding the frying pan with eggs that he's got kinda the distended gut. I used to have that when I was eating much higher fat and protein supplements and was a higher BF%. As you note, the real pros are lean AS. Even if this diet gave you "endless energy" once you are fat adapted, as these people claim, it still appears to make him be putting on body fat or at least holding onto it. Not to mention the proven the health risks from eating a diet high in meat, saturated fat, eggs, and dairy.

  • Excellent well researched video.  Made me laugh how that guy was the best example they could find of a 'fat adapted' athlete. He was plenty on the chubby side.. let alone by the standards of professional sport.

  • cool vid, yeah the keto diet is just scrapping around looking for a pioneer for their diet, but no legit athletes are ever gonna be successful on that diet, I remember the ABC story that aired in Aus, and they had Shane Watson (a cricketer) spruiking the diet, well if there is one sport in the world where you could actually eat like that and be good it's cricket, and maybe golf. Ie, David Boon was a legend but looked like any barroom yobo brawler. 

    The sad thing is the propaganda is getting to people and I hear people in everyday life talk about keto diets or paleo diets, they think it's a way to lose weight, or deal with diabetes, and so on. Sad. 

  • haha…where did you get that awesome MCshit shirt?…lol

  • Chubby bunny flesh-eater frat boy needs to spend less time on his hair and more time on researching his own diet. 

  • What about bodybuilders can they have succes on a low protein lo fat high carb diet?

  • Excellent video.  Thank you.

  • Liking these kinds of video from you, keep it up mate!

  • Those flexing faces 😉 haha

  • it's so crazy how people come to whatever "conclusion" they want.  sure, overweight people are often susceptible to type 2 diabetes.  I feel like from there people are like "ah yes the carbs made them fat!" noooooo… you will never see a super lean, muscular athlete who has diabetes from eating too many carbs.  

  • SD

    um…that guy has manboobs….

  • Wow Someone that follows one of the most UNHEALTHY ways to eat, vegan, making fake claims about the HEALTHIEST way to eat, low carb/ high fat. Must be your malnutrition diminishing your rational though process.

  • I'd pay to see Stephanie Person vs Freelee in a cage match. Steph is 12 years older, and would smack the shit out of Leanne .

  • 80 / 10/ 10 is for people who are after the skeletor look. If you actually want some tone, go for 30% carbs, 30% fat and 40% proteins.

  • What this brainwashed guy needs to understand, is that not everyone is a FUCKING TRIATHLETE! If you suggest that lifestyle to someone who does not train more than 30mins per day, they will gain weight!! 1600 calories is fine for anyone not exercising.

  • Ethiopians are also taking EPO and are juiced to the gills 

  • You put together some really well constructed videos mate, I really enjoy watching you and showing you to friends (Y) 🙂

  • "Carbohydrates don't give you diabetes, fats do" —-What ? Thats entirely incorrect. Diabetes is a disease of carbohydrate metabolism. Diabetes occurs when there is a loss of glucose homeostasis due to either an absolute or relative insulin deficiency i.e. either the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin (type 1 or late stage type 2) or the body's peripheral tissues (principally skeletal muscle) are resistant to insulin (type 2). As a result the diabetic develops chronic hyperglycaemia (high circulating blood glucose). This excess circulating glucose damages structural proteins (particularly in blood vessels) which results in most of the serious long term complications of the disease.
    The metabolism of fat does not require insulin and thus dietary fat consumption has nothing to do with the pathogenesis of diabetes.

  • LOL he looks….FAT…..sorry I mean "fat adapted athlete" LOL

    Pre-diabetic…….better stuff face with eggs……. ROFL

  • I dont think there's anything wrong with a low fat/high carb diet for various fitness goals, but i think you're oversimplifying the issue pretty hard to pander to a certain demographic. Theoretically, fat is a much denser and longer lasting form of fuel for distance exercise when compared to carbohydrate. To simply "eat more carbs" wouldnt change how much glycogen you can store in your body at any given time (which is approx 2000-2600cal, equivalent to about 2hrs of moderate exercise). A man with 15% body fat, however, stores 130,000cal of energy in his fat. That's enough energy to run about 925 miles. Obviously a marathoner isnt going to have that high a bf%, but even 1/3 of that would be significantly higher than the stored sugar pool of a high carber. Also…i think ethiopians would win on any diet.  

  • Eat fat to get lean….. Like Cordain. He's an elite athlete…… 

  • Do you really think that carbs cannot cause diabetes? I dare you to live off 50% of your calories from white flour and sugar for a year and see how your health differs.

  • Try to speak about things that you understand …

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  • Do not let your ideologies rule your thinking. Science is very clear about what works and what doesn't. You are using Ethiopians as an example? This indicates that you know nothing about genetics and how that influences your carbohydrate requirements or lack thereof. Bio-chemistry is much more complex than what you can imagine and your over-simplification is testimony to your lack of knowledge and your great ignorance. I suggest that you do some serious studying in the matter before you open your mouth about such things.

  • Everyone should live the way they want and eat what meakes them feel good. It's not really about finding some kind of definiton on the internet and applying the same pattern on everybody. That's why you actually have to study to be a scientist, a doctor or a nutrition specialist. Believe what you want but saying you "debunked" something is kind of ignorant when you don't even have the proper knowledge. I believe in balance. I'm not a huge fan of high fat diet either but it doesn't give me right to tell people around me what to do and how to live.

  • eat more gels? you're an amature.

  • Stop smoking your fingers are going yellow.

  • I have absolutely no problem with those pointing out the benefits of a high carb diet, or someone trying to convince me they're the better option, that's great.
    But you haven't debunked anything.
    You have not proven anything.
    Key points – 1, one particular bloke isn't an elite sportsman……maybe you should discuss the elite sportsman that ARE using high fat diets?
    2, why are carbs better than fats for performance?
    3, how do fats give yu diabetes and carbs not?

    Would be really happy if you cleared this up….
    Apart from the fact I didn't agree with the contention, good video, well presented, and very funny opening (mcshit hahaha, my uncle will like that one)

  • LOL at criticism of the amateur triathlete.  He is in great shape with significant muscle mass.  On my end I've been doing Low Carb High Fat for six months.  Results are much better than my vegan days.  I get my fat from eggs, grass fed butter, avocados, nuts, and meats.  I have eliminated all industrial oils like vegetable and canola oil.  Carbs from rice and potatoes and fruit.  I'm going to increase carbs and lower fat.  So far the results have been positive.  And I set out to prove the theory wrong.

  • Started a high fat low carb lifestyle 2 weeks ago. Almost immediately slept better, greater mental clarity, more energy and less thirst. People are already commenting on my weight loss. Obesity rates have skyrocketed since low fat became the rage in the 60-70's. I'm currently reading the latest science literature and am convinced low fat is the way to go. I eat butter, avocados and coconut oil every day. This viceo doesn't convince me.

  • Don't knock it until u try it. I'm sure I can find some negative stuff online about the vegan diet .so debunk yourself bro 👌

  • The Ethiopians look sick and skeletal. They actually need carbos because of all the calories that they burn while training and competing. But what about the rest of us? I don't have time to work out and I don't have the resources to go straight vegan. My blood pressure was up and my weight was up and I never felt right. I switched to LCHF and intermittent fasting along with HIIT high intensity interval training and within weeks all of my numbers came down. Weight , blood pressure, and body fat percentages. I'm off meds. I'm 53 years old and I look and feel great. So low fat high carbos were doing me harm probably because I was not competing in ultra marathons. I'd rather look like a sprinter anyway. LOL

  • I watched one of your videos and within the first minute I figured out what you were doing wrong, LOTS OF COFFEE AND INTERMITTENT FASTING ON LOW CARB HIGH FAT WILLLLLL FUCK U UP WHEN TRIED TOO EARLY, its just the wrong way to do it, and no surprise you felt like shit. You also could use a lot more understanding of the body's hormonal responses to carbs and sugar to make it work. But the science is in the video link on the last post….you should take half an hour to watch it

  • if I eat a vegan diet like yours will I get a nice pimply face just like you?

  • This is only a theory it has not yet been proven.

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  • fat cause diabetes? no too much sugar causes diabetes. ur body turns carbs into sugar. this is basic stuff

  • Best debunk video on the high protein/low carb myth I I've seen. THANK YOU! Sharing 🙂

  • Well after watching this I have drawn the conclusion that you may need to do a lot more research into the causes of metabolic syndrome and how metabolic syndrome effects how the body processes energy be that from carbs or fat. I look forward to your answer.