High Carb Vegan Weight Loss: How I Lost 30 lbs

In this video I share how I was able to lose 30 lbs on a high carb, low fat, plant based, vegan diet and healthy lifestyle. For more information, check out my website:

Why I Initially Gained 60lbs on a High Carb Vegan Diet Video:



  • Why do you hyperventilate ?

  • I've seen so many videos and the best one is yours! Thank you so much for the information 🙂

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  • Curiosity, why are you so short for breath and straining for air while you talk? It doesn't sound right.

    Also, is your diet strictly organic?

  • How much calories do you eat?

  • I dont know, people keep saying shes deep breathing/hyperventilating bc shes pregnant, but i was pregnant with triplets and didnt do that. Thats not normal.

  • you're amazing!!! I can't so watching your videos. thanks for being so honest and awesome!!!

  • what's the argument for high carb low fat as compared to high fat low carb?
    from what i've known, higher carb isn't good for fat burning, which in turn will slow down your weight loss; whereas higher fat with low carb intake gets your body to use mostly fat as energy, effectively losing more weight over the same period of time.

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  • Good advice, thanks! I shared it with my friends because this was very honest and realistic.

  • Why are you holding grapes and drinking BPA?

  • so if i ate vegan, focusing on carbs, but not exactly high carb, but ate 1800 calories, which is normal for me, will i lose weight?

  • How do you know how many calories you need?

  • youre so pretty!

  • So do you not recommend taking on this life style in order to lose weight? I'm overweight and can't really afford gaining anymore weight. What lifestyles would you recommend to lose weight?

  • Love your videos!

  • Hello, Victoria! You look healthy and radiant! You're before and after pictures are very inspirational, too. I was wondering if you feel as if you are bigger now than you were before the 60 pound weight gain. You look marvelously fit and I was wondering if maybe you ended up around the same size as you were at 125 because your muscle mass is higher and your body fat is obviously so low.

  • Can u do a what I eat in a day, or estimate about how much calories u eat per day? Thnx!

  • Go Vegan Go ALF ………..

  • I'm just starting on this lifestyle changes and you brought something up that I thought was very interesting which was you talked about you lost your menstrual period and then changing to help your diet you got it back which I thought was very interesting cuz I have the same problem or I did I haven't had a period for 3 years and once I went fully raw vegan I got my period back anyways I think you've done a wonderful job and I really enjoyed your video I'm really excited about getting my health back and my body back in alignment once again thank you for your very inspiring video

  • more like "malnutrition by victoria"

  • She was never fat. Another person with a skinny obsession :/

  • If I sleep 10h a day I feel like I'm losing hours of life. 7h for me is more than fine.

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  • What you eat in private will show up in public. Hehe…agree??

  • I've started this lifestyle only last week, to help me beat my eating disorder (I do only 2000-2200 kcal a day, because it still scares me). When I saw a weightgain of a pound this morning I freaked and almost quit. You've kept me on track with this video. So THANKS for that! My health should come before losing weight. I hope I can keep this lifestyle up, because I already feel some benefits.

  • Why are you out of breath while you talk?

  • Why is she so out of breath in this video?

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  • How much calories did you eat consistently?

  • Do you eat whole grains also?

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  • I've been hclf vegan for almost three months now and have gained 10-15 lbs. before this I was dieting for about two months, how long do you guys think it will take to start losing the weight?

  • What is your take on a low carb high fat diet?

  • what's with her breathing?

  • Hey guys, The best resuIts that l have ever had was with Red hot slim (l found it on googIe) Without a doubt the most heIpfuI diet that l have ever tried.

  • Great video. Have been through the same situation and agree with you on every point.

  • Hi Victoria 🙂 Really love this video! During these three years, how much exercise did you do?

  • Get to the point, I don't need a story telling. woooowwwww

  • I'd love to watch this but I can't take the breathlessness