High Carb Vegan Vs. Low Carb Paleo Diet – THE TRUTH

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Topics discussed:
Plant based protein vs Animal protein, side effects of animal protein, side effects of whey and dairy, can vegans build as much muscle as non vegans, testosterone levels in vegans, amino acid in plants, cholesterol from eggs for muscle building, bodybuilders, muscle recovery, calcium, is 1 calorie a calorie myth, fats vs carbs, disease. Insulin resistance, diabetis

  • I had been HCLF Vegan for 2 years, alternating raw with cooked. Eating raw made me feel the best, but was not sustainable for me, eating cooked carbs was terrrible. So all those 2 years I have been yoyoing. Recently I switched to keto. Eventhough I felt great and lost weight instantly like th HCLF never did for me, I kept on looking for ways to make it all vegan again. I'm not sure if I could have gone into ketosis being a vegan, but now that I am in ketosis is it much easier to do a vegan keto diet, which I have switched to now. The problem with vegan Keto is that all the plant based food containing enough protein also are loaded with carbs. But that doesn't mean you have to stuff your face with meat and once in ketosis you do not have to keep your fat-intake that high. Both HCLF and LCHF is more than just IIFYM, there are good and bad choices Always.

  • I've done LCHF in 2 weeks now and I have never felt better. This is the things I eat: eggs, nuts, meat, fish, spinach, vegetables, a fruit here and there and a lot of avocado (everything organic).
    You should try it.

  • There's too many options and recipes for lazy cooks like myself to keep supporting the dairy & meat industries. It's called get up off your ass and make a change that benefits everything else on earth. It really is just that simple. Vegan for 2017….Peace

  • Who said killing animals is wrong? Who determines morality? If not God, then people, if people, then morality is subjective because morality itself is subject to humans to determine it. If subjective, then no person answers to any moral standard but their own. I don't answer to people who say killing animals is wrong nor am I held to their subjective moral opinions and standards.

  • MrK

    Veganism is a fad diet, its literally unnatural. How long has veganism been around for, less than 100 years?
    People from the Hunza valley in Pakistan, Ikaria in Greece live the longest in the world (most centenarians) and have lots of dairy, fish, grains, fruit and veg in their diets.

  • BS, I lost 32 pounds and it's my 4 month already.
    I fell great, my friends and my wife all say that the difference is huge.
    This guy doesn't know what he's talking about.


    but I'm sure people who love their bad habits will leave negative comments on this video…..

  • Thankyou for listening to the science provided unlike hard heavy meat eaters who think it's the only way to gain muscle

  • 101% agree

  • No food I had passed into my mouth calls unhealthy . I am not into a real food plant based no processed foods at all .

  • Lol at you vegans. I eat a moderately high carb, moderate protein, moderate to moderately low fat diet. Balance is key.


    I think they're both extreme. Why not just eat moderate amount of carbs, fruits and maybe eat a lot of veggies if possible? Unless you're avoiding it for cruelty purposes, meat isn't bad either if you eat it moderately. People have lived to hundered eating this, unless you're trying to add another 100 years, why you gotta put yourselves through this shit really?
    We're NOT living to eat. We're eating in order to live. So just avoid processed foods, processed sugars and chemicals. Eat healthy and moderate amount. Drink water too.
    We don't need to make it any more complicated. All these "doctors" and "researchers" are just making a shit load of money out of us. Before you know it, the diet that made you sacrifice so much for years will then suddenly be bad for your body… then another diet trend will be recommended by doctors, to make another money off you.

  • I find vegans to be offensive. They are generally self-righteous ego-maniacs who routinely abuse their pets sexually.

  • *Off-topic, but I am observing an interesting relationship dynamic between these two brothers. If the one on the right is older, as he suggests, and as you can tell, shorter, for most of the video, he stands tall and authoritative even placing his hands in dominant positions. Whereas, assuming the taller one on the left is younger, despite his confidence in his speech, he slouches and keeps his arms and hands in front of him and folded. Just noticing.

  • When that guy mentioned that ketone bodies are not used by all the body's cells it made that guy lost all credibility. If you had done more research, you would know that your body can become fat adapted, and when one becomes fat adapted their body will value fat as it would carbs before fat adaption. Not only that it has proven benefits for the brain, that's why ketosis has been used for epilepsy for many years. Also, can someone direct me to a source of why muscles run more optimally with glycogen reserves.

  • discoverer of insulin allowed only 10 grams of carbs ,eat lots flour,grains or root veggies or hi carb fruits,and see what happens to you

  • I have to say this is kinda crap… Paleo still eat carbs! From fruit and veg haha

  • low carb is bullshit

  • Thank you

  • for a weigh loss plan: when you have a high carb-sugar meal (high glycemic) your blood sugar spikes high and that gives you a crush when you feel like you need to eat again, protein and fats plant based would satisfy and give you energy, I like vegan paleo diet and i think it is effective and healthy!

  • so you know that its not that fat that u eat thats messing with ur insulin resistance? its that fat that u have already stored from sugar.. So why are u telling that eating fat will raise insulin resistance? Sounds like complete bullshit to me.

  • Everybody (okay 98%) who loses weight gains it back after five years. Vegan or paleo.

  • Not very accurate, pretty pseudoscientific.
    Low carb and ketogenic are not the same…

  • wrong information

  • The low carb diet is mainly an American thing, all courtesy of the meat and diary industry. Around the world, it's still a high carb diet because high carb diet is just cheaper economically.

  • So why eskimos live on only meat ?

  • So very sad, that the average person doesn't spend the amount of time to test and prove what benefits their own bodies, yet spends hours a day watching mind-numbing sitcoms! May God save us and teach us…the author of our health!

  • could you please refer to studies? my carnist friends would like to dive into it! thanks

  • Thank you

  • I guess today Truth=Lie…. Go figure

  • Your brother doesnt take steroids and you take steroids. Lol thanks for giving us this comparison so now were confirmed that you are a lying sack of SH

  • Thank you so much for this video!

  • 0:55
    I'm just gonna stop ya here with some facts now.

    Studies showed that in the long term a ketogenic diet (essentially high fat/low carb) show the following:
    Decreased LDL cholesterol
    Increased HDL cholesterol
    Lowered blood sugar levels
    Increased levels of creatinine

    I mean, yeah some people may do well with higher carb stuff but generally speaking those folk are the kind of individuals that do long-distance stuff often. The thing to always keep in mind is 100 kcal fat = 100 kcal carb. Overdoing it on the kcal side will obviously screw things up for the 'at home' dieter.