Here is Where Low Carb Diets Ultimately Fail

Dr. Michael Greger explains where the low-carb diets fail and the science behind it. Is there some short term benefit though? Find out what Dr. Greger thinks about the low carb lifestyle and why he says it’s not sustainable.

  • I think there is room for both diets. I think our bodies were created to use both types of fuel for a reason. One for leaner seasons of life with no harvest and the other to fatten up for those leaner years. Lol

  • Michael Greger is clearly biased and ignorant. I have reversed my obesity, diabetis, and arthritis with a ketogenic diet. My cardiovascular health has vastly improved eating a diet high in the eggs and saturated fats he demonizes. In fact, many people including doctors enjoy long-term health benefits by remaining in nutritional ketosis for decades. The proof is in the pudding!

  • This guy is a friggen moron, ketosis is not a sickness. It's the way humans healthily get energy from fat and not sugar. This hack obviously is trying to pedal some pro carb bullshit and was probably paid by some corporation

  • I've been in ketosis for a year now and have competed an iron man on it. It's now a lifestyle. If it were a "state of sickness" as he says, I would have noticed. I think he doesn't really now the difference between nutritional ketosis and ketoacidosis. Another fact he's got wrong, I quote "and that's [carbs] what we have evolved to have as a preferred fuel". Agricultural revolution: 10 000 BC. Homo Sapiens: 2.5 millions years ago. I would rather said our bodies are designed to be in a state of nutritional ketosis. Do we really think homo sapiens was having gels every 20 minutes whilst running after his pray, or that he was carb-loading before a race (with a pray…)? Or is it more likely that they were eating vegs and meat, knowing that roots and starch required long cooking time (hence not practical for nomads…). Just read the actual research, or grab a book and do a proper extensive research; don't make your opinion on a four minutes fact-empty video.

  • this guy looks high as hell

  • Open more your mouth when you are talking Mr. "I don´t know what I´m saying".

  • Rubbish talk, he even eats his own words while moving his mouth.

  • This guy shows a EXTREME ignorance about low-carb eating.
    First, Low carb diet, despite of "diet" word, is meant to be a lifestyle. 77% of people which tried low-carb sticked with it for unless one year. Low carb is easier to stick than low-fat diet.
    Ketosis is a natural state of the body. Whenever you sleep, (regardless weather you're in a low-carb diet or a low-fat diet) your body produces ketosis. It's NATURAL, it's SAFE and it does keep you from hunger. The way it does it is by mainteining insulin levels stable by gluconeogenesis. Your body start using the fat in your cells to produce the energy required. Part of that fat goes into energy, part goes to produce glucose (gluoneogenesis).
    HSL enzyme is responsable to release fat from your body fats to your bloodstream, and it only works when your insulin is low!

  • I'm missing the part where he explains why/how/where they fail and the science behind it.

  • wtf is this guy trying to deny? It's not like you eat bad forever with this diet. You eat unhealthy / anti- vegan (low carb) for a month to get the process started. Then start eating a bit more healthy going vegan / allowing some more carbs, and as you approach your weight loss / belly fat loss goal goal, you return to the plant based diet that was barely getting the pounds off of you… then just stay on top of your weight if your gaining, you need to rethink your daily carb intake. At some point you should find just the right diet to keep you on an even keel. wow.

  • idiot

  • This guy is typical of the complacency and intellectual laziness of the dietary establishment. Clearly he has done no research on the long-term sustainability of low-carb eating. Nor is he familiar with anyone else's research. He gives no evidence whatever to support his assertion that "Low Carb Diets Ultimately Fail." He just thinks that all diets ultimately fail, so low-carb eating will fail too. He's also a very annoying speaker who never finishes his sentences.

  • He doesn't say anything!    He is the master of misinformation.
    He actually says the low fat guidelines didn't work because of the increased consumption of carbs (doughnuts) and the obesity stats continue to rise because the low fat has reduced fat in the diet.

    He says that the state of ketosis is a state of sickness. WRONG Ketoacidosis is a state of sickness only ever experienced by Type 1 diabetics.

    You don’t burn carbohydrates in your ‘system’ you burn glucose which is made from the breakdown of carbohydrates.  Excess glucose is stored as fat.
    When you burn the ‘carb glucose’ in your system, your fat sits on the bench and watches! When your system is ‘carb glucose’ depleted THEN the fat gets back into the game. Our body can make glucose from our fat through Gluconeogenesis.
    He says we can rely on our fat stores when food is scarce. Fat is burned in the ABSENCE of carbohydrates.
    “Burning fat creates toxic Ketones.”  Misinformation that relates to Ketoacidosis.

  • how much did them paid him????

  • I switched from the Paleo diet to 75 percent fruit and some veggies, lentils , no grains, some beans and NO MEAT or DAIRY. I haven't lost or gained weight. I feel much better and have regained energy. High protein diet slowed me down. Plant based diet has improved my life. I raise grass fed beef cattle and I do not miss the meat. Check out drrobertmorse.

  • dec 19, 2016, High intake of carbohydrates leads to fat storage like fat intake leads to fat storage, the aim is to not to get fat because then the fats gets inside the muscle cells, less calories per day creates more sense as more calories in any way fats or carbohydrates lead to being fat and hence fats inside the muscles leading to insulin resistance,

  • This guy is incoherent. He sometimes mumbles away and his statements are disjointed and unintelligible most of the time.

  • whats wrong with this guy? is he on drugs ? so much mumble scramble . I need to rest after this annoying 4 minutes .

  • This guy is a freak in ass clown- doesn't know science

  • Hmm, who to trust, Dr. Fung who works with obese patients every day, or this guy? What research has he done, and does he actually practice medicine with obese people?

  • i was really interested in listening to this guy but his vocal fry is so fucking annoying.

  • Not only are you condescending but your short sightedness is mind boggling…!!! I like you though, your funny…I'll put flowers on your grave when you die from Heart disease or Cancer like most Vegans.

  • the guy is baloney what a piece of shit disgrace to doctor community

  • My blood lipid values after being around 2 months on mostly low-fat whole-food plant based diet with some cheats: Cholesterol = 147, Trigliceryds = 88, LDL = 65 and HDL = 89. If anyone on ketogenic diet comes even close to that, i'll shake his/her hand personally. My doctor said she never seen anyone with HDL higher than LDL in her life, so i guess i'm doing something right.

  • Dr. Gregor: 1. Makes a statement.
    2. Doesn't back it up.
    3. repeat

  • Clearly, his foggy brain quickly lost train of thought and, instead of answering the question, he went into incoherent ramblings about Twinkie diets and other malnutrition induced hallucinations. I hope they fed him a candy bar afterwards so he could stand up and walk away on his own.

  • poorly spoken wow, he needs toastmasters… check out real meal revolution

  • King of tangents

  • Greger either doesn't know anything about Ketones and Ketosis or he is simply spreading misinformation to support his position, which is his modus operandi

  • Only nutrient we don t need, human body can survive easy without carbs, without protein and fats no way

  • Wow, he's bull$hitting so much that he is barely coherent.

  • This is not accurate today Dr. Greger! You need to try again after looking at the work of Dr. Perlmutter, Dr. Mercola, etc. Their programs seem to be very healthy!

  • Dumbest guy ever on this channel. Should not have uploaded this video.

  • By basically saying nothing and stuttering for 4 minutes, I'm now convinced low carb diets work.

  • Nice Try Grain Industry!

  • I keep seeing the veggie/fruity crowd pointing to this guy (and his website) as the ultimate authority on the veggie/fruity diet. I don't think I've ever seen anyone with a PhD (as he claims to have) be so absolutely unable to express himself clearly on a subject he's an alleged authority on.

    And let me point out something else which opponents of the LCHF diet need to keep in mind: it's the LOW carbohydrate High fat diet; not the NO carbohydrate ONLY fat diet. If I hear one more fanatic scream "But you HAVE to eat SOME vegetables!!!!!", I'll jump down their throat with both feet while I"m wearing oversized combat boots.

    I suspect his complete inability to utter more than one or two comprehensible statements is a function of the absence of animal products in his diet. His brain just isn't working properly. Not a great advertisement for the diet he promotes.

    Unsubscribing from this forum. Greger isn't the first knucklehead I've seen in videos from this forum. I see no reason to keep visiting with this kind of interviewee.

  • I can't believe I'm more knowledgeable than him. Also in 2015 government guidelines admitted that there's no evidence that cjolesterol causes heart disease. look it up. it's very unhealthy to have low cholesterol. look that up too. This guy is what they call a quack.

  • It doesn't work because I am vegan …. the guy is a fraud

  • He talks like Woody Allen

  • this guy is full of shit, he said ketosis is a state of sickness, really? he didn't refer to any science paper that would confirm it, he is a vegan who knows nothing about ketogenic diet, he probably Associates it with meat and Atkins, big mistake, I'm a vegan on ketogenic diet, I eat one meal a day, my weight is stable even though I lost about 50 pounds initially, bad breath and smelly sweat another bullshit, actually when I mixed up my used socks with a fresh ones I have hard time to distinguish, this guy is a fucking joke.