Healthy Tacos Recipe – Low Carb High Protein

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We love Tacos but sometimes we’d like something a little more low-carb. Enter the Buff Dude Cauliflower Taco Shell Recipe. It’s the perfect recipe for a Buff Dudes approved Taco!

Buff Dudes / Food / How to make a Low-Carb Cauliflower Taco Shell Recipes
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  • i gotta use real eggs. what should i do with the gem?

  • I can eat tacos every day and all day. Never considered the cauliflower shell though, will try this.

  • Hey buff dudes love you videos man you guys are funny and awesome with recpies! Huge inspiration! Quick question can I use this cauliflower dough recipe to make the cauliflower pizza?

  • These tasted like shit tbh.

  • jump ahead to 2017…you can buy riced cauliflower

  • If there anther way to heat this? Microwaving that destroys all the nutrients

  • what? stuff that comes straight out of the micowave might be hot? oh my, great thing you guys warned me, otherwise I'd have burned my pretty little hands!
    anyway, nice video, keep up the great work! 😉

  • what should be the temperature of oven while putting cauliflower?

  • Why are these comments hating on America for a carton of egg whites? ppl are so jealous that they have to even hate on egg whites? 😂 I live in Spain and we have carton's of egg whites too, so whats your point? also if your country was in danger America would be the first country you would go to for help! or am I wrong… no I'm right.

  • yummy! i'm def going to try thanks so much!

  • Guess what, I'm not a "dude." You come across as such douche bag with your filthy kitchen and labeling everyone as dude. EEEeew!!!

  • Good idea! Gonna try to make it vegan tho 🙂

  • Hopefully this video is a Mathew Santoro 50 amazing facts about food vid. Because of the song 😂😂

  • why do remind me SO much of Chris Hemsworth?

  • Thor, you don't need these petty tools. Just smash 'em with your hammer 🔨

  • All you need for this recipe is a .. Filthy kitchen, microwave, face towel and egg white in a carton.

  • "Soft" tacos are normal tacos … That "hard" tacos shit, ain't real tacos.
    Trust me, I'm mexican.

  • are the degrees farenheit or celcius because im from europe and the max on my oven is 250 degrees celsius

  • 面白い動画なのにキッチン回りが汚ねえ笑

  • u save my life

  • GREAT IDEA NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Mmm looks good

  • CORN TORTILLA! …has anyone checked out a nutritional label for them? Each 25g corn tortilla is +/- 50 cals, 0.75g fat, 12g Carb, 1.5g Protien. …AND you get a pkg of 40 – 50 of them for about a buck! REAL TACOS!