Healthy Pizza Recipe – How to make a Low Carb, High Protein Pizza

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The B.U.F.F. Dudes give you the Healthiest Pizza in the World.

No hyperbole there, Dudes. With a crust made from cauliflower and containing delicious BBQ chicken, this just may be the *cue dramatic music* healthiest pizza recipe in – wait for it – THE WORLD.


2 Cups Cauliflower
1/2 Cup Cheese
6 oz Chicken
Dash of Parsley & Oregano
3/4 cup Tomato Sauce
Handful fresh Spinach
2 Full Eggs

1 Slice Contains:

90 Calories
4.3 grams Fat
2.7 grams Carbs
10 grams Protein

Whole Pizza Contains:

726 Calories
35 grams Fat
22 grams Carbs
81 grams Protein

Feel free to add extra toppings like Black Olives, Tomatoes, Jalepenos and more!

Buff Dudes / Food / How To Make a Healthy Pizza Recipe
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  • dude! clean your stove. it looks filthy

  • But how much sodium is in the pizza?

  • Why do you still cook by volume rather than by weight when weight is so much more accurate when tracking calories?

  • Classico sauce is loaded with sugar, could just as well as cover it with skittles… switch to Rao's or another brand, has 1/3rd net carbs

  • Love your shows and they are all cool and simple for everyone to try without feeling overwhelmed. Anyway, hey buff dude are you taken like your brother yet? If not lets talk buff and get aquainted caribbean style.

  • You shoulda done fat free cheese so you can add more

  • Soylant green! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Question is it faster to get Buff when your fat or skinny?

  • 700 cals for the whole pizza that's still a lot… provides that I alone can eat a whole family-sized pizza!! xD

  • anyone else notice the soylent green easter egg 😛

  • Haha Soilent Green, I love that movie.

  • 🙂 sure…will spend 1h to make a pizza 😀

  • dude burned the pizza dough and didn't even let the cheese melt. I am sure that tasted bad

  • you didnt take the moisture out of the cauliflower

  • Worst 3 hours of my life. I'm utterly disappointed on this recipe. Never again!

  • OMG these guys are ridiculous lol … you don't chop (poorly) the cauliflower florets, you grate them using a cheese grater .. and not the stems haha …do yourself a favor and do it right… using a cheese grater to shred the florets will save you tons of mixing time and make a consistent crust too … (ugh .. so hard to watch with the goofy voice) .. come on dude… and you can use any hard cheese.

  • tried the receipe but honestly the coliflowa and me = enemy i took a few bites but had to throw it away also made the dough to thick which led it to be squichy a bit haha eww

  • Thanks for the recipe.
    By the way you are one super handsome man! Wow!

  • cauliflower is banned in my country 🙁

  • "bad for you because of the carbs *and all the cheese*" ……. "use half a cup of cheese and add more later"

  • After making the flour, plain Greek yogurt could replace the egg. The cauliflower crust is very interesting. Looks good.

  • Yesterday I've tried it, that's great! My toppings are chicken, orions, mushrooms and zucchini with low fat mozzarella. Thanks!!!

  • I admire the effort but man all that preparation is a bit too much for some cauliflower, chicken, cheese, 2 eggs and a handful of spinach. You can prepare the same meal, retain more nutrients in 1/3 of the time.

  • I ran out of Solent Green.

  • This food is Buff dudes approved !!! **buff dude voice

  • Just use a hand grader on that Cauli dude.. slice dice then a!!

  • Those are herbs, not spices. I would definitely ring out that moisture from the cauliflower, too.


  • You just made cauliflour

  • If you don't like the consistency of your cauliflower after blending it, try grating it.

  • 5:33= Soilent Green …haha!! I'd like to know how many of your viewers even know what that is without googling it

  • Whats with the all carbs the freaking carbs

  • Check out this easy healthy pizza

  • Yum

  • over 700 calories…. WHILE using cauliflower? you could've used a tortilla wrap or a big pita bread as base and had fewer calories

  • 450 degrees? they dont even sell shit like that in here Finland.


    Med it. Having it tonight. Mine came in at 35g fat, 63g carb and 70g pro, so not that low carb but still less than 900 kcals… Yes, cauliflower is messy as hell.

  • you lied the cheese did not melt lol