Healthy Low Carb FAST Food Meal (plus a Fat-Loss Tip!)

Eat this when you are looking for a Fast Food Fat Loss Meal…

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It can be quite a challenge when trying to eat healthy when you are away from home. Most fast food and restaurant meals are very high in carbs and high in fat which is definitely not going to help you when dieting for fat loss.

But one meal option that you have available is garden salads. One place in particular that I like to go is Subway, they can make you a fresh veggie salad on the spot and it’s pretty cheap. Here in Canada it’s just $5.50 (the price at the time of this video) for a big salad. That’s even cheaper than the price of pre-made salads at the grocery store!

If you want to get some protein as well, just ask for a chopped up chicken breast to have on top of your salad and you have the perfect fat loss meal – high in protein, low in carbs, and loaded with high nutrient veggies!

So the next time you are out and need a quick and healthy meal on the run… Skip the burger and fries and go for a chicken salad instead.

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  • I like your old school Vista 100 phone in the background… soo circa 1991.. We had one as well when I was growing up lol

  • Hey Lee, I'm 6'5 so I can struggle with Deadlifts sometimes because I have to bend down so far to pick the bar up. To help this problem I set the bar on blocks that are about an inch off the ground so I don't have to bend down as far. Do you recommend this or should I just try to correct my technique with the bar on the floor? thanks for the help! 

  • And great tip Lee, the Subway salads are pretty nice 

  • Hey Lee, any tips for maintaining strength on a cut? Would love to keep my lifts where they currently are, or close to where they are, while having getting leaner as my main objective. Thanks.

  • How much did subway pay him?

  • This is a pretty good tip on the go, actually. Thanks 🙂

  • but where do you get your fats and carbs from dont you need that to function?

  • be careful, most of the veggies in subway & fast food restaurants arent washed and are rarely fresh

  • Great tip! Thank you.

  • I don't know, just about all of humanity, in all of history, has depended on starches for the mainstay of their nutritional requirements. It's what we thrive on.

    I'm currently restricting calories, doing about 1 gr of protein, 1 gr of carbs, 1/2 gr of fat and 1/4 gr of fiber per pound of bodyweight. I wouldn't be a happy camper with less carbs. I don't think it really matters anyway, you need a certain number of calories, and the fat and protein are rigid numbers and that just leaves the balance to be made up of carbs, and starches seem a good way to go.

  • Hope subway gave u good $$$$ for the commercial

  • I am cutting but don't know what to eat please help.

  • Good ideas…cheers!

  • What kind of sauces would you recommend from subway?

  • I used to get salads for lunch all the time at Sub, McD, Wendy, or BK…with the baked chicken. My problem is the evening snacking, and a few adult beverages. I have gotten away from bread and corn products again so that helps.   

  • Im cutting 😉 

  • i love the premade salads, they are the best, but they are way too expensive.
    When i want to cheat, i eat Chinese fast food or a no rice no beans all beef burrito at taco bell. 

  • Great Video as always Lee

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    Wait! Did you get a new house?

  • Hey Lee, love these low carb videos, please keep making more of them, thanks!  🙂

  • we want a delicious food video but for fitness.. u know what i mean

  • How good or bad is Couscous?

  • Damn. I was hoping you were going to recommend a Big Mac.