Healthy Breakfast Recipes With Eggs Low Carb High Protein To Burn Fat And Build Muscle Low Calorie

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Looking for healthy breakfast recipes to burn fat and maintain muscle? Watch my short video on how to create a low carb, high protein breakfast to achieve your personal health goals.

If you want to eliminate all carbs from the meal simply don’t add toast to this simple healthy breakfast recipe.

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I hope this healthy breakfast recipes video has been helpful to you. If you want to add even more protein, or more calories in general you can pair this up with one of my home made breakfast protein shakes. Adding a shake can allow you to easily get over 100 grams of protein and easily over 1000 calories as well.

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  • Very nice!
    But be careful with the "butter"! It may seem healthy but it has oils in it! Oils are really bad for cooking in heat!!
    If anything Real Organic butter is best, AND or coconut oil (can barley taste it)

  • <3

  • No supplements in dead (supplements in background)

  • Get butter!! The oils aren't good.

  • Omg this guy need to learn about healthy food.


  • I don't claim to be a chief but butter is much more healthy than what you are using.